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I haven't tested the timing thing either.  My computer keeps freezing. When I reboot it, I'm stuck at 1024x768, and the only way I have managed to make progress on that issue is to reinstall Kubuntu.  I've been around that bush three times now, and I have grown tired of the aggravation.  This machine is rather old, and I suspect the hardware is just flaking out.

My main desktop/server, also rather old, finally died. The onboard video went first. Then the machine just quit coming up at all.

The backup desktop/server still works. It's "newer" than the dead main one, but has some peculiarities. For example, the BIOS doesn't recognize the presence of a keyboard unless it's plugged into the PS/2 port. Once Linux comes up, it works just fine with my USB keyboard, so it's not a problem with the keyboard.

Hoping to replace the guts with a Ryzen 7 motherboard. Could use the speed for other things I do.

Either that, or Kubuntu 18.04 is less stable than its many predecessors, which I find difficult to imagine.  Still, the trouble started when I upgraded from 16.04, so that may be the culprit. So many things have changed it's more trouble than it's worth to me to try to keep track of any of it.

Well, in my experience, upgrading from Ubuntu 16 to Kubuntu 18 was a big hairy problem. For instance, after upgrade and restart, no working network. I reinstalled fresh.

I had gotten in the habit of just buying a retail desktop PC off the shelf, but you can't buy those anymore.  Getting Linux onto a retail Windows PC is a huge pain in the ass anyway.

In my experience, only if you want to keep Windows around.

I guess I have to go figure out what components to buy and roll my own like it's 1995.  I am not looking forward to this at all.
Well, putting Linux on my wife's retail laptop PC that came with Windows on it worked just fine. Dell, Lenovo, HP apparently work. Only ointment-infestation I can imagine might be support for fancy new graphics cards?

At the moment, I like Asus motherboards. My wife's laptop and the mobo in my backup desktop machine just work with Linux.

Since my present laptop experiences a few issues (doesn't think it has a battery, takes 3-5 minutes before the built-in display shows the POST screen) due to having been dropped a few times, I'm thinking of jumping to a Dell 15"/4K HDR display and Intel processor.

Looking for hardware that won't leave me crawling when I move to a 42mpixel camera and get to start making big panoramas.

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