For dying computer owners: before upgrading anything, use a known good PSU.
I just lost a week worth of late nights trying to set up a new computer. I
deducted that it was the PSU on the nearly functional computer that had
caused CPU failure, by having something else than DC voltage. On the
average the voltages were a bit low, but contained AC spiking.

That CPU didn't work with decent PSU (normal voltage levels) anymore, on
any board I tried - the other boards didn't even boot into BIOS. I had
three PSUs to test and always it was the old one that made the old board
work so well that I could install Ubuntu Studio and upgrade it even once,
but then I got jams and interrupted HDD writes.

I postponed indefinitely testing the other boards with another CPU because
I had an older computer that had no problems - and still runs fine.

PSUs are dangerous! :)

ke 10. huhtik. 2019 klo 9.33 david ( kirjoitti:

> On 4/8/19 10:37 PM, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> > I haven't tested the timing thing either.  My computer keeps freezing.
> > When I reboot it, I'm stuck at 1024x768, and the only way I have managed
> > to make progress on that issue is to reinstall Kubuntu.  I've been
> > around that bush three times now, and I have grown tired of the
> > aggravation.  This machine is rather old, and I suspect the hardware is
> > just flaking out.
> My main desktop/server, also rather old, finally died. The onboard video
> went first. Then the machine just quit coming up at all.
> The backup desktop/server still works. It's "newer" than the dead main
> one, but has some peculiarities. For example, the BIOS doesn't recognize
> the presence of a keyboard unless it's plugged into the PS/2 port. Once
> Linux comes up, it works just fine with my USB keyboard, so it's not a
> problem with the keyboard.
> Hoping to replace the guts with a Ryzen 7 motherboard. Could use the
> speed for other things I do.
> > Either that, or Kubuntu 18.04 is less stable than its
> > many predecessors, which I find difficult to imagine.  Still, the
> > trouble started when I upgraded from 16.04, so that may be the culprit.
> > So many things have changed it's more trouble than it's worth to me to
> > try to keep track of any of it.
> Well, in my experience, upgrading from Ubuntu 16 to Kubuntu 18 was a big
> hairy problem. For instance, after upgrade and restart, no working
> network. I reinstalled fresh.
> > I had gotten in the habit of just buying a retail desktop PC off the
> > shelf, but you can't buy those anymore.  Getting Linux onto a retail
> > Windows PC is a huge pain in the ass anyway.
> In my experience, only if you want to keep Windows around.
> > I guess I have to go
> > figure out what components to buy and roll my own like it's 1995.  I am
> > not looking forward to this at all.
> Well, putting Linux on my wife's retail laptop PC that came with Windows
> on it worked just fine. Dell, Lenovo, HP apparently work. Only
> ointment-infestation I can imagine might be support for fancy new
> graphics cards?
> At the moment, I like Asus motherboards. My wife's laptop and the mobo
> in my backup desktop machine just work with Linux.
> Since my present laptop experiences a few issues (doesn't think it has a
> battery, takes 3-5 minutes before the built-in display shows the POST
> screen) due to having been dropped a few times, I'm thinking of jumping
> to a Dell 15"/4K HDR display and Intel processor.
> Looking for hardware that won't leave me crawling when I move to a
> 42mpixel camera and get to start making big panoramas.
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