Re: [Chat] Water Quality

2005-01-15 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
I have not noticed anything, but that has been reported to be a characteristic of water from the Susquehanna. I have heard that the City is getting ready to design and build a purification system to utilize Susquehanna water all the time. The rationale is that this way, the reservoirs will

Re: [Chat] meeting with Mary Pat Clark

2005-03-02 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
As I think of it, there originally was to be a meeting with the Mayor on March 3 (which by the way is Thursday, not Wednesday) at Barclay Rec Center. Then that was changed to March 31. So I hope that someone will verify the information and put it on both the chat and discussion listserves.

[Chat] Baltimore crime stats

2005-03-08 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
If you want to get information from the Baltimore City Police on crimes that have occurred in a particular neighborhood (e.g. Charles Village or Abell or Harwood), go to the following web site (which I got to originally by starting at ):

[Chat] The Village, Inc.

2005-03-23 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
The new food coop, The Village, Inc., 2429 St. Paul St., is now open 4 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday. So far, it has a small but well chosen selection of natural foods including quite a variety of gluten-free pastas. The web site for the coop is

[Chat] Advance directives

2005-03-27 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
One thing that the Terri Schiavo case has driven home is the importance of writing advance directives on whether you want to be kept alive under all circumstances, or whether you want no artificial feeding or hydration or respiration or other medical interventions under appropriate conditions,

Re: [Chat] digging out a basement?

2005-03-28 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Bob, I can't answer your specific questions, but I do know that there is one more problem you may or may not have. In my house and I suspect in many others, there are pipes carrying waste water from both my house and one next door to the sewer system. It is very possible that the house next

[Chat] Need for more volunteers for Stadium Playground

2005-04-14 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz,1,2122615.story?coll=bal-local-headlines Metro Digest April 14, 2005 Volunteers needed to work on playground at stadium

[Chat] From today's Sun -- letter from Mary Washington

2005-04-26 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz,1,2119142.story?coll=bal-oped-headlines Letters to the Editor April 26, 2005 Playground project defied our divisions

Re: [Chat] Propery Tax hearing

2005-05-03 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Emily, De facto, what the system really amounts to is that if you have owned your house for a while, then it is assessed much lower than a house which recently has changed hands. For example, a house across the street from me recently sold for a lot (John Spurrier will know more details), and

[Chat] Watch the register at Giant

2005-05-27 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Last week, when I got home from the Waverly Giant, I discovered that I been charged twice for one container of cat litter. When I went back, they gave me a refund. This afternoon, I bought a few things including two 3-box family packages of Kleenex tissues that were marked as being on sale

[Chat] A good website on cancer and diet

2005-06-08 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
An excellent web site for more on diet and cancer (and which pushes a vegan diet) is: Steve. ___ Chat mailing list

Re: [Chat] OHE Group Meeting

2005-06-15 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Sarah, Still, it is a shame to see you and Joel leaving Charles Village, although I personally find that commuting once a week to DC (to provide daycare for my granddaughter) is taxing enough. So I can understand that both of you are tired of the daily commute by MARC train. But still, all of

Re: [Chat] BGE outage

2005-06-16 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Christine, I did not get any notice either; I'm on the east (odd) side of the 3000 block of Guilford. My guess is that the planned outage is is just for a few blocks of Charles Village. I know that my side of Guilford sometimes is hit by unplanned outages that do not affect the other side of

[Chat] [Fwd: [AIA Members] Neighborhood Walkers Kick Off Walk]

2005-07-12 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Although the walks are currently being orgainized under the sponsorship of AIA and will take place in the AIA area, all are invited. And we hope that others will organize neighborhood walks in their parts of Charles Village. Steve. Original Message Subject:

[Chat] Property crime is up in CV

2005-08-16 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
I am told that the Baltimore City Police are reporting an increase in burglaries between E. 33rd St. and E. 25th St. between Charles St. and Barclay St. Please be on the alert and call 911 if you see anything suspicious. Also, according to the UPS tracking, a package was delivered to me this

[Chat] Property crime in CV

2005-08-17 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
I mentioned in an earlier e-mail that according to UPS tracking, a package had been delivered yesterday afternoon but was not there when I got home a little before 9 p.m. I am happy to report that the package had been picked up by a neighbor anxious to prevent theft, and I received the

Re: [Chat] Fw: October 1 is the 2005 Baltimore Rhythm Festival!

2005-09-18 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Judy, There are at least 2 churches in this area named St. John's (the Methodist church at 27th and St. Paul and an Episcopal church on Greenmount). I'm guessing that it is St. John's Methodist on St. Paul. Is that correct? Steve. jdy wrote: - Original Message -

Re: [Chat] Ticketed for talking!

2005-10-11 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Right after I stepped out of Emil's car, I heard the male cop say: I'm going to ticket him. It certainly sounded as though that cop had a chip on his shoulder. And when I walked around to the alley where the cops had Emil stopped, the male cop (who was out of his car and at the window of

Re: [Chat] Ticketed for talking!

2005-10-11 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Right after I stepped out of Emil's car, I heard the male cop say: I'm going to ticket him. It certainly sounded as though that cop had a chip on his shoulder. And when I walked around to the alley where the cops had Emil stopped, the male cop (who was out of his car and at the window of Emil's

Re: [Chat] Ticketed for talking!

2005-10-11 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Right after I stepped out of Emil's car, I heard the male cop say: I'm going to ticket him. It certainly sounded as though that cop had a chip on his shoulder. And when I walked around to the alley where the cops had Emil stopped, the male cop (who was out of his car and at the window of Emil's

Re: [Chat] [Discussion] dst

2005-10-28 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Judy, Daylight time ends this weekend (Sun. 2 a.m. becomes 1 a.m.). I just checked the calendar distributed by the Department of Public Works, and it does say that hazardous waste collection is this Sat. and Sun. at Poly. Steve. jdy wrote: does any one know when daylight

[Chat] Meeting Wednesday on strategic plan for Enoch Pratt Library.

2005-11-08 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
I saw the following in Sunday's Sun: Baltimore: Enoch Pratt Meetings slated on library plans Meetings are planned for the public to make suggestions about the Enoch Pratt Free Library system's strategic plan for 2006-2009. The three remaining meetings are scheduled for tomorrow at

[Chat] [Fwd: [AIA Members] Abell Avenue RECENT LARCENYs]

2005-11-20 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
I have no idea if the young criminal will be off the street for any length of time (I suspect not), but at least one criminal has been caught and one of the items stolen has been recovered. Will there be a plea bargain to get info to get the rest of the items back, or will the criminal simply

Re: [Chat] CVCBD: Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training

2006-01-13 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
This training is actually provided by the Baltimore City Fire Department as part of a city-wide program of emergency preparedness. Because there are quite a few possible disasters (and most do not involve terrorism) that could affect our community, it is a good idea to be prepared. For

[Chat] Karen Olson will be on Mark Steiner at 1 p.m. Monday

2006-01-14 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Karen Olson will be on The Mark Steiner Show on WYPR (88.1 FM or ) on Monday at 1 p.m. to talk about her new book: Wives of Steel: Voices of Women from the Sparrows Point Steelmaking Communities. Karen is a professor at Dundalk Community College (or is it now officially the

[Chat] Fwd: Signs being removed by someone.

2006-01-29 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Wilson wrote: Steve: Please do me another favor. Someone is continuing to take down the signs announcing a City Sponsored Meeting set for Tuesday, January 31, 2006, at St. John's of Baltimore City on 27th Street about the new sewer line that will run all through 27th Street in Charles

[Chat] Fwd: Attempt Armed Robbery II - 200 Blk. E 32nd St.

2006-02-01 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Wilson wrote: Steve, There have been numerous armed robberies in the commercial areas of 24th and 25th Streets, namely of the Game Boy and Hollywood Video stores. With this latest message from Salem Reiner I believe the Discussion List should be alerted. I also think that the armed

[Chat] Partial power outage

2006-02-17 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
I do not know how far it extended, but half of my electric circuits went out a bit after 11 a.m. I was sitting at my computer, and it stayed on the whole time. But the ceiling lights flickered, then went out in my middle bedroom where the computer is. I called BGE, and their system (I did


2006-03-27 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
deBorah, Skye opened a second restaurant on Washington Blvd. a while back. As far as I know, she has no intention of closing her restaurant on St. Paul St. And yes, it is a great place to eat. Steve. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Did the Yabapot leave Charles Village? Sunday driving by


2006-03-27 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Mariann. What is served there is very tasty vegan (no meat products involved) food. Skye comes from St. Croix, VI, but the cuisine is from many places in the world. Try it. By the way, it is on the east side of the 2400 block of St. Paul. And Yabba Pot is two words. Steve. Mariann Millard

Re: [Chat] re cloths

2006-03-29 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
There is a Baltimore Free Store, although I know almost nothing about it except that it exists. You might try googling it. I'm pretty sure that they take donations and distribute them in much the way that the Book Thing distributes books. I have received some e-mails from the Free Store. The

[Chat] Fwd: [volunteerbaltimorefreestore] Hello from the Free Store

2006-03-30 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
This just came to my inbox. Steve/ Baltimore Free Store wrote: Hello Everyone, Just a reminder that we have a Free Store this weekend at the Samuel F.B. Morse Recreation Center at 424 South Pulaski Street. We will be setting up from 9am to 11:30am and open to the public from 11:30am

Re: [Chat] posted by Christine Gray for dog owners

2006-04-06 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Christine, I recall reading that chocolate is very toxic to cats. Is it from the same theobromine that you mention below? Steve. Christine Gray wrote: How Does Your Garden Grow?

[Chat] Hearing on CVCBD reauthorization.

2006-04-24 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
The hearing before the Urban Affairs Committee of the City Council will be at 5:30 on Thursday, May 11 at City Hall. It was announced at today's City Council meeting. Whichever side you are on, this is your chance to be heard. Steve. ___ Chat

Re: [Chat] ok, now I need an exterminator....

2006-05-08 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Mariann, I had the same problem a few years ago and used boiling water. It worked then, but the ants were back the next year and seemingly immune to boiling water. Also, boiling water kills not just the ants but everything else, so I was told later that it is not a good idea even though it is

[Chat] Fwd: Art on Purpose June 9

2006-05-10 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Bob Brinkman wrote: [Forwarded to the group from Joe Stewart. Please pass on to your listservs.] Art on Purpose in Waverly invites you to a Community Reception Exhibit featuring photos by participants of the Real City, Dream City Project. See the good, bad and possible of neighborhood space

[Chat] Fwd: Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Updates

2006-05-11 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is an excellent program that CVCBD happens to be involved with. There are other teams throughout Baltimore City and nationwide. I have been through the 4 basic training sessions conducted by the Fire Department, and they are very worthwhile. My hope

Re: [Chat] masseuse

2006-05-18 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Dawna, My niece, Ricquel Ricks-Cumbo [EMAIL PROTECTED] is a massage therapist. I'm not sure where she is working now, but she lives in Better Waverly. Your friend can contact her, and perhaps she will want to moonlight. Steve. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: CAn anyone recommend a masseuse in

Re: [Chat] [Discussion] deborah and jack

2006-05-19 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
I will also miss them, and I too hope that they will stay in touch on the list.  It is really sad that some people in Charles Village who disagree with their politics were so nasty to them. Like Judy, I too wish them well.  They were wonderful neighbors and an asset to our community.  It is

Re: [Chat] fyi crime

2006-07-02 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Dawna, It does not make me feel good to think this way, but some of us, myself included, may have to lower our threshold on what constitutes a suspicious situation that should be called in to 911. As you say though, it is fortunate that nobody was hurt and that what was taken can be

[Chat] Candidates' Forum Wednesday for 43rd District

2006-07-08 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Candidates' Forum WITH CANDIDATES FOR STATE SENATOR AND DELEGATE FROM THE 43RD LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT Moderated by City Council Member Mary Pat Clarke and sponsored by the Abell Improvement Association and neighboring community organizations WHEN: Wednesday, July 12 WHERE: Waverly Library

[Chat] Recent crime, and the arrest of Keith Ray.

2006-07-10 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Yesterday, an attempt was made to break into a house on the 300 block of East 33rd Street. The victim thought that the perpetrator was the same person who has committed a number of violent crimes in and near Charles Village. However, with the arrest of Keith Ray Saturday night (article from

[Chat] Rumors about real estate deals

2006-07-11 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Theresa, I heard that the garages were being sold, but I have not heard anything about the Verizon building (I assume you mean the Telephone Apartments, unless there is a plan to convert the adjacent building which now is a Verizon substation -- because that is so close to us, we get good DSL

Re: [Chat] tax/home owners online?

2006-08-09 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Christine, If you start at, and then click on the right side of the screen to "access the real property database", you will get: That is the database. Steve. Christine Gray wrote: Would someone send me the web

[Chat] Fwd: Peabody Heights - 2nd Annual Coat Drive for Margaret Brent

2006-09-08 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Christian H. Wilson wrote: Peabody Heights - 2nd Annual Coat Drive for Margaret Brent Steve: Please post on the Discussion List. Thanks. Peabody Heights Resident Homeowners Alliance, Inc., is having its second annual coat drive for Margaret Brent. If you have good, used

Re: [Chat] Chat needed

2006-09-25 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Dawna, Don't forget to include your new job with U of B Law School, and your appointment as the mayor's rep on the CVCBD board. While you and I have had a lot of disagreement about CVCBD over the years, I think that the mayor has made an excellent appointment. I look forward to your working

[Chat] Fwd: Uniforms for Barclay School

2006-10-09 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Chris, I'm forwarding it now to the AIA member list, the Discussion list, and the Chat list. People who are interested in donating can contact Chris Wilson. Steve. Wilson wrote: Steve: Have you had the opportunity to bring up the issue of uniforms for Barclay School to the membership of

[Chat] New Trinidatian eatery in CV

2006-10-12 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
The Trinidad Gourmet just opened today at 418 E. 31st St., where Nancy Smith's antique shop was. It is a carryout shop, but it has a small area where you can eat if you choose to. I walked past it about 9 a.m. and saw that a sign said Open. Since I love Caribbean food and especially goat

Re: [Chat] city offices

2006-11-06 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Judy, Yesterday or Saturday, the Sun had something on what would be open or closed on election day, and it said that there would be trash pickup. So thanks for your message -- I checked the City web site, and you are absolutely right. The Sun was wrong. Steve. Judy Berlin wrote: tell

Re: [Chat] [Discussion] Subject: Re: GEWIRTZ NOT OBLIGED TO

2006-11-16 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Paul, I'll have to look for photos. But among those who were very active in the anti-war movement are Gren Whitman, Karen Olson (still in CV), Dee Ann Mims, Dean Pappas (lives in northwest suburbs), Vickie Pollard (moved to Maine), Jo Ann Robinson (still in CV), Megan and Walter Shook (now

Re: [Chat] The Hopkins Store

2006-11-17 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
My main memory of that store is that when my daughter was learning to play the flute and would go there to buy cigarette papers (which she had been instructed to use to clean her flute), they would always refuse to see them to her. When I went there with her to explain what she needed them

[Chat] Fwd: Waverly Main Street Tree Lighting

2006-11-22 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
John Lundquist wrote: All are invited to attend the Waverly Main Street Holiday Tree Lighting Friday, November 24 6:00 p.m. Greenmount 33rd Street Median Strip Please forward to your community list serves!!! Thanks, John John Lundquist Program Director CVCBD Waverly Main Street 2301

[Chat] Fwd: Our annual coat drive

2007-01-25 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
This shows that Charles Village can get together for an important project at our three elementary schools. Steve. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Steve: I would appreciate it if you would post this on the discussion list and on your list serv as well. To all: Last night we delivered our last

Re: [Chat] [Discussion] Fw: [CV Block Leaders] Please Help Volunteers

2007-01-26 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Brad, This is the first that I am seeing this. You need to ask Katie if she can use your help (and I'm sure she can). Do you know what projects the students will be involved with? Steve. Brad Schlegel wrote: Neighbors, Here is a chance to help out some students! Stephen, Do you

Re: [Chat] Board of Zoning Appeals

2007-02-01 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
It would not hurt to get neighbors to sign a petition opposing the conversions. And police reports on the disturbances, if available, would not hurt. But what is most important is to see whether the law allows such conversion. The last hearing that I went to (about a house on Guilford)

Re: [Chat] Smoking ban passed!

2007-02-27 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
I'm also pleased. Although I do not go to bars often, when I have gone, the smoke has not made it the most pleasant experience. And when I think about someone like Dana Reeve who never smoked but who nonetheless died of lung cancer, I cannot ignore the dangers of second hand smoke to people

[Chat] Fwd: UMH Helipad Planning Commission Hearing Information

2007-03-16 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
If you are interested, here is a chance to be heard. You can also send a comment to Mary Pat Clarke for inclusion in the notebooks that she is preparing for the City Planning Commission. There is an article about the issue in the Baltimore Messenger. A link is:

[Chat] Tom Lehrer's Elements song

2007-03-21 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
For those who have fond memories of Tom Lehrer's songs, including the Elements Song (a list of all the elements, set to music), here is a great version: Steve. ___ Chat mailing list

Re: [Chat] [Discussion] Tom Lehrer's Elements song

2007-03-22 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
many. But the graphics in the song list those discovered since the song was written. Steve. jberlin wrote: how many elements r there? judy On Mar 21, 2007, at 4:38 PM, Stephen J Gewirtz wrote: For those who have fond memories of Tom Lehrer's songs, including the Elements Song (a list

Re: [Chat] lehrer/anglo Saxon

2007-03-24 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Christine, Morrie's is at Yale, or so I have been told. When I first met Tom Lehrer in the fall of 1961, he was a 9G (9th year grad student) in math at Harvard, and I was then a 1G. He put on some great parties. I have no idea what he is doing now. He had a great model of a hand: I hold

[Chat] CVCBD vacancy for Quad 2 representative.

2007-04-02 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
CVCBD has a vacancy for the representative of Quad 2 (the southwestern quad which has as its eastern boundary the center of St. Paul St. and as its northern boundary the center of 27th Street. In other words, if you are in CVCBD and south of 27th St. (including the south side of 27th St.) and

[Chat] Fwd: Crime Alert

2007-04-17 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Katie Beltz wrote: All: Please forward the report below from JHU security (4/17/07) on to interested persons. Attempt Unarmed Robbery - Unit Block E. 30th St. - On April 17th at 12:48 AM, a sophomore undergraduate reports that while walking alone in the Unit block E. 30th Street

[Chat] Fwd: Clean Sweep- Please forward

2007-04-17 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
AIA will be participating. One thing we want to do is to clean up Vineyard Lane and other places where dirt (from decayed leaves) has accumulated over time. And the other community organizations (including Peabody Heights, not listed below) will also be participating. Steve. Katie Beltz

[Chat] Advice from Northern District

2007-04-18 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
The following is copied from a leaflet prepared by the community relations officers in Northern District for distribution to the community. It is good advice. Steve. Attention Northern District Resident*s** * We are fast approaching the time of year where yard and lawn

[Chat] Fwd: Crime Alert

2007-04-20 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Katie Beltz wrote: Suspicious Person: April 19, 2007 This morning our Safety Team was contacted to alert them to a man in a green truck who was hanging around Barclay School attempting to talk to children on their way to school. Other parents did manage to scare him off, but please keep

[Chat] Fwd: [FWD: Margaret Brent School]

2007-05-04 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Subject: Margaret Brent School From: Cwilsonportlight Date: Fri, 04 May 2007 14:42:43 -0400 To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Steve: This is a very important message to get out to

[Chat] Fwd: Crime Alert

2007-05-07 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Katie wrote: This is a report from one of our residents that she asked me to pass on to all of you. On Thursday, 4/26/07,around 8pm, my husband was walking west on 25th St. Four teenage boys started following him. When he was by the Hollywood Video, two of them approached him from

Re: [Chat] [Fwd: Neighborhood Yoga Group]

2007-05-21 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Linda, I'm sorry I missed the article in the newspaper. Please accept my condolences also. I'm just back from visiting my father in Peekskill, NY. He is 95, and I realize just how lucky I am that he is still here at that age. I hope that your father lived to a fairly ripe age. He can be

[Chat] On Mark Steiner tomorrow

2007-05-22 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
From noon until 1 tomorrow on WYPR (88.1 FM), the Marc Steiner Show will be about the hole in the ground on St. Paul St. The following is taken from the WYPR web site: *_Wednesday, May 23_^rd /Noon - 1:00/* If you've driven down St. Paul Street in the Charles Village neighborhood you can't

[Chat] Fwd: Free outdoor movies at JHU this summer

2007-05-30 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Katie wrote: FREE OUTDOOR MOVIES ON THE HOMEWOOD CAMPUS Six family-friendly movies will be screened, free-of-charge, on Friday nights this summer on the Keyser Quadrangle of The Johns Hopkins Universitys Homewood campus, 3400 N. Charles St. in Baltimore. Hopkins Summer

Re: [Chat] [Discussion] Gang robbery in front of Margaret Brent/2640 Sunday night

2007-06-18 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Christine, It they are carrying a baseball bat but no baseball gloves, then it probably would be worth a call to 911. At least the police can talk to them and will know who they are. If you have not done so already, get a crime watch number. Then, when you call 911, to identify yourself

[Chat] CVCBD JHU Safety Seminar.

2007-07-09 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
CVCBD and JHU are sponsoring a safety seminar Thursday, July 19 from 7 to 9 p.m. at University Baptist Church, 3501 N. Charles. Refreshments are promised. For more info, call Katie Beltz at 410-235=4411 x 16. Attending will be representatives of the police, the city council, community

Re: [Chat] Fwd: hood thugs

2007-07-17 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Christine, Here is what was posted on the discussion list on 6/18 (None of it was from a police person): Christine, It they are carrying a baseball bat but no baseball gloves, then it probably would be worth a call to 911. At least the police can talk to them and will know who they are.

[Chat] Fwd: Community Event: First Ever Waverly BookFest

2007-07-24 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: You have received this email because of your current or past community leadership activities. Please forward this information to any person or group you think appropriate. I would appreciate it if community groups and neighborhood associations would include this

[Chat] Fwd: USDA Food program

2007-08-08 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Steve: Please place this on the discussion list and your list as well. Yesterday's Baltimore Sun ran an article about the USDA program involving a food pantry for children residing in homes where no food is available. This is the same program that I advised our

[Chat] Fwd: Crime Alert

2007-08-27 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Katie wrote: All: Please forward the message below from JHU Security dated 8/27/07 on to interested persons. Salem Salem Reiner Director Office of Community Affairs Johns Hopkins University 901 S. Bond Street, Suite 540 Baltimore, MD 21231 443-287-9900 [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[Chat] Fwd: 50 years in 3 minutes...with a beat (interesting)

2007-10-01 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
This was forwarded to me, and if you take the time to download and listen to it, it really is a 3 minute version of 50 years of history. Steve. *Subject:* Fwd: 50 years in 3 minutes...with a beat (interesting) Turn up volume, sit back and enjoy a review of 50 years of history in

[Chat] Fwd: Mayor's Fall Clean Up

2007-10-16 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
To all, Here is important information about both the Mayor's Fall Clean up this Saturday and the CVCBD Public Meeting the following Tuesday. That meeting will be important because it includes elections of quad representatives, and it includes a public hearing on some bylaws changes that may

Re: [Chat] [Discussion] Eddies Liquor

2007-11-29 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Paul, I first noticed the problem at least a month ago. I went in to get some cheap sherry for cooking and could not find any. A week or two later, I found some there. Also, that earlier day, there was less than the usual selection of beers. When I asked about it, I was told that their

[Chat] Fwd: Holiday Greetings

2007-12-21 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Steve: If you would kindly send this to the discussion list. Thanks Dear Neighbors: Peabody Heights Resident Homeowners Alliance, Inc., would like to thank all of the residents of the City of Baltimore who contributed to our annual coat drive for the three

Re: [Chat] Assessment notices...nothing like it for rousing New Year cheer

2008-01-02 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Kathleen Wilsbach wrote: Good morningthanks, gentlemen, for your opening discussion comments. I remain unclear, however, as to how land value alone could have climbed from 30 to 40 K three years ago to 140 K in this latest assessment. Cathy I have a question about land value

Re: [Chat] [Discussion] Mayor's Blue Ribbon Panel Report

2008-01-03 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Be aware that if you increase the cap on assessment increases while lowering the tax rate slightly, most of us in Charles Village will have our property taxes go up rather than down. The exceptions will be commercial properties (including rental properties) and properties that change hands.

[Chat] This funny thing was just forwarded to me.

2008-01-03 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
*A 1st grade school teacher had twenty-six students in her class. She presented each child in her classroom the 1st half of a well-known proverb and asked them to come up with the remainder of the proverb. **It's hard to believe these were actually done by first graders. Their insight

Re: [Chat] Fwd:Re: Baltimore City Frequently Asked Questions: Plastic recycling

2008-01-15 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Last year's recycling was only Numbers 1 and 2, and they said that they would take more plastic this year. Therefore, they clearly meant it when they said 1-7. Steve. D. Williams wrote: I think that is a misspelling, it is Numbers 1 and 7 not 1-7 if I am not mistaken. D' Date: Tue, 15

[Chat] Fwd: Re: Baltimore City Frequently Asked Questions:Plastic recycling

2008-01-15 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
the program. The limits on items is due to the restrictions set by the folks who buy the products from the City. I would love to see all plastic collected. I use my cat litter buckets to carry water and to store dry goods. Brad - Original Message - *From:* Stephen J

[Chat] FW:George Carlin

2008-01-22 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
George Carlin was so right about what is so wrong with our times. Steve. Constance Whiting wrote: From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]; [EMAIL PROTECTED]; [EMAIL PROTECTED]; [EMAIL PROTECTED]; [EMAIL PROTECTED]; [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Fw: FW: (no subject) Date:

[Chat] Fwd: Student assaulted at 33rd and Greenmount

2008-02-06 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
The following messages were sent on the Northern Community Council listserve by Joseph Stewart and Lisa Boyce respectively. We need to take this alert very seriously. If you see anyone walking around wearing a ski mask when it is not very cold, call 911 immediately. We need to help Northern

Re: [Chat] Fwd: More details on the assault at 33rd and Greenmount

2008-02-06 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Sharon, I think it was 7:30 a.m. Katie Beltz sent out a bulletin considerably after I did, and she gave the time as a.m. At the same time, the urging that parents tell their kids to go straight home after school may reflect the view that it could just as easily have happened in the p.m.

[Chat] Crime prevention tips from Northern District

2008-05-05 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
The following comes from Northern District. While some of it is more relevant to people living in detached homes, the tips are good ones. Steve. *Attention* ** *Northern District Residents** * This is the time of year where yard and lawn maintenance take up a good portion of our

[Chat] Fwd: Camp Success

2008-05-29 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
This seems to me to be a very worthwhile cause. Please try to help. Steve. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Steve: Please post on the CV discussion list and your quad list. Thanks. To all: A lady by the name of Reba Bullock, who is the Director of Camp Success run at the Episcopl Church of St,

Re: [Chat] [Discussion] Charles Village store owner shoots man attempting a robbery - 6/11/08

2008-06-11 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Rod, As much as I hate to see guns out there, especially since police train and retrain and still occasionally make errors with guns, I have to agree with you. Someone who waves a knife in a robbery attempt is asking to be shot. I just hope that the victim of the attempted robbery (the

[Chat] Refund of homestead tax credit for previous CVCBD tax bills

2008-07-09 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
The following applies to owner occupied residential properties subject to the CVCBD surtax. Those are the properties whose owners are entitled to the homestead tax credit; what that means is that the effective increase in ones assessment for purposes of the Baltimore City real estate tax is

[Chat] Article in the Sun about refunds of overpayment of the CVCBD surtax

2008-07-10 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Here is what is in the Sun. Steve.,0,7178311.story From Friday's Sun City to offer refunds Error affected tax bills in Charles Village and Bolton Hill By John Fritze Sun reporter 7:03 PM EDT,

[Chat] Upholstery cleaner

2008-09-09 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Can anyone recommend a good upholstery cleaner who will come to my house and clean upholstered chairs? Thanks. Steve. ___ Chat mailing list archive:

[Chat] AIA Street Fair 9/14/2008 Reminder

2008-09-12 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
The annual Abell Improvement Association Street Fair is this Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. It is always a lot of fun. Come to the 3200 block of Abell and enjoy. Steve. Robin Truiett-Theodorson wrote: Just sending out a reminder about the Street Fair this Sunday. We are still looking for

[Chat] Bad experience with Papa Johns Pizza

2008-09-29 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
My fiancée Janet and I ordered a pizza to be delivered from the Papa Johns on 33rd St. It took over an hour to arrive (when we called to ask where our pizza was, they said it was on its way and was late because they were really busy on the night of a football game). Finally, it did arrive,

Re: [Chat] [Discussion] Bad experience with Papa Johns Pizza

2008-10-01 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Logic is the cement of our civilization with which we ascend from chaos using reason as our guide. T'plana-hath (Matron of Vulcan Philosophy) --- On Tue, 9/30/08, Stephen J Gewirtz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: From: Stephen J Gewirtz

[Chat] FW: Live Fire Gunshot Detection Test Charles Village

2008-11-14 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
*It is important to get the word out. We do not want people to freak out because the police are conducting live gunshots in Charles Village on Monday morning. It is important for our safety that they calibrate their gunshot detection system. And those in the Abell area should plan to attend


2008-11-16 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
*This appears definitely to be real. I checked Snopes myself. Be careful. It is exactly the type of virus that people can be suckered into opening at this time of year. Steve. * Jeffrey Millard wrote: - Forwarded Message *From:* Albert A Rollins [EMAIL PROTECTED] *To:* [EMAIL

Re: [Chat] (no subject)

2008-12-04 Thread Stephen J Gewirtz
Actually, the major mentioned two people arrested. I'm not sure which one robbed Miss Sue's, but here is a link to a Sun article on one of them:,0,6515790.story The other one was arrested in the City, and if I remember

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