Re: Need Working Sample

2001-07-06 Thread Cyril Rognon
There is a FOP servlet example in the distribution of FOP : /docs/examples/embedding/ I think it will answer all the beginners questions. See the example section on the FOP site to see all pre-answered question you might have in your beginning journey. (starting with

Unable to import ttf font windings

2001-11-22 Thread Cyril Rognon
Hi, I am trying to add a ttf font to fop, using the TTFReader as mentionned in the documentation. The ttf font is windings and I every time I do java org.apache.fop.fonts.apps.TTFReader C:\WINDOWS\FONTS\wingding.ttf wingdings.xml I get an exception : TTF Reader v1.1.1 Reading

Fop ignores my unicode character

2001-11-22 Thread Cyril Rognon
Hi again list ! thanks to Chris, I have discovered two unicode character to represent checked and unchecked checkboxes. Now I am trying to use it in my xsl style sheet to produce them checkboxes in my pdf output but all I get with fop is a # character. I am using xsl:text #x2611;/xsl:text to

problem : centered table in FO

2001-11-27 Thread Cyril Rognon
doing wrong ? Thanks Cyril Rognon

Re: a custom header according to page number

2001-12-03 Thread Cyril Rognon
elemtents) that makes certain blocks appear/disappear from headers according to page number 2. how can I use FOP to generate this content Cyril Rognon

RE: a custom header according to page number

2001-12-03 Thread Cyril Rognon
if your need is more complex and you have some magic formula to guess wich page is affected, conditionnal master-page may be to low level ... [Ismaeil, Sameh] I'll give conditional-master-page some insight and hope it will work, thanks a lot Good luck. ... Cyril Rognon

Re: a custom header according to page number

2001-12-03 Thread Cyril Rognon
content) header to use? In the page-masters I can only set margins etc.(?) I tried to use two page-sequences, one for each page master, but then I get the XML-content twice: once for the first page sequence once for the second. Can I specify static content in the page-master? Cyril Rognon http

Re: Problems with seeing pdf-files in IE 5.0

2001-12-07 Thread Cyril Rognon
It has been reported many times that IE5.0 needs some strong mime type information : not only you must set the content-type HTTP header to application/pdf but you also have to use an url with .pdf at the end... Cyril Rognon At 14:05 07/12/2001 +0100, you wrote: I'm trying to see a pdf-report

Re: Problems with seeing pdf-files in IE 5.0

2001-12-07 Thread Cyril Rognon
That's the trick if you have to use .pdf ended url, use the query string like Jamestold you to. This is a particular IE5.0 pb, and some times it does not appear, the response content type may be enough. Cyril Rognon At 15:05 07/12/2001 +, you wrote: Jim Urban wrote: So how do you

Re: fo:table question

2001-12-11 Thread Cyril Rognon
is on more than one page already ? anyway, XSLT offers you arithmetic to test your case, and the template rules to generate your table(s). I do not have sample, sorry. Hope this helps Cyril Rognon At 10:33 11/12/2001 +0100, you wrote: Hello, just a small problem about fo:table. I want create

FOP memory foot print

2001-12-11 Thread Cyril Rognon
... is there some option I am not using ? I thought there was a buffering option that could do the trick but the -buf buff.file did nothing. I a sure fop can do better than this. Could anyone point me to some info about this please ? Thanks Cyril Rognon

Re: FOP performance on Win98/JRE 1.3.1

2001-12-12 Thread Cyril Rognon
relax, before making any modification to your docbook stylesheet, I suggest you simply use some XML parser feature to deactivate the DTD validation and DTD loading. Every major XML parser use these feature that you can configure (see Xerces for instance). This way you will not endenger the

Re: need help

2001-12-12 Thread Cyril Rognon
Keiron, Maybe Ed went a little too far about this. of course I do not request immediate magical memory solution that would enable me to generate my pdf on a cell phone :) I have read in this list that some people have 200+ pages documents with low memory footprint (around 20-50 Mo). I just

Re: need help

2001-12-12 Thread Cyril Rognon
Keiron, I would gladly share this info in order to contribute to FOP. here is the last transcript from FOP : [DEBUG]: Initial heap size: 1828Kb [DEBUG]: Current heap size: 127392Kb [DEBUG]: Total memory used: 125564Kb [DEBUG]: Memory use is indicative; no GC was performed [DEBUG]: These

Re: Maintenance release

2001-12-17 Thread Cyril Rognon
I think Xmas release if it is done in the rush may appear to be Halloween release ;-) You should consider it will be new year's release. Even if I would be glad to have some maintenance (REC and so on) I would not want you to jeopardize this maintenance branch's quality. Thanks Cyril At

Re: Performance difference between Unix and PC

2001-12-18 Thread Cyril Rognon
Java performance has never been the same on Unix or NT. It depends on the JVM you are using. There have been several comparison of JVM on various OS. I don't remember where it was nor who did it but IBM was a good choice under UNIX systems. Hope it helps Cyril At 18:02 18/12/2001 +0100, you

RE: selected checkbox

2001-12-19 Thread Cyril Rognon
Do you have any svg code for a checkbox (checed and un checked version) ? or some pointer where I could find some ? Cyril At 10:18 19/12/2001 +1300, you wrote: -Original Message- From: Henrik Holle [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Tuesday, 18 December 2001 23:20 To: [EMAIL

Re: How can i optimize memory consumtion?

2002-01-07 Thread Cyril Rognon
Does it really work ? I have tried with my own documents, but it seems the memory usage still depends on the total page number. Maybe I use something that bugs memory. I would be glad to hear if it works for you, Luigi. Cyril At 06:52 07/01/2002 -0800, you wrote: Try breaking your document

Re: Page numbering, FOP version

2002-01-07 Thread Cyril Rognon
You can do the page 1/(total nb of pages) using some last block reference. I mean you can generate a block with a special id, like my-very-last-paragraph within the last page. then, you can use a page-number-citation that refers to your my-very-last-paragraph block. as for the last FOP dist,

maintenance branch

2002-01-09 Thread Cyril Rognon
Hello every one, great thanks to the Fop developpers for their job. I hear here and there about the maintenance branch CVS... is there any chance for a maintenance release in the next weeks ? I don't want to disturb anyone with my question. I am just asking because I don't know what is the

Re: FOP internet explorer

2002-01-28 Thread Cyril Rognon
Mauro, I think this strang IE behaviour is fixed from IE 5.5. Anyway, some people said it would be a good idea to add info for IE to help it solving the content-type. try adding name=dummy.pdf at the end of your query string in your firt url you mentioned. I have never verified if this works

FOP and table issue

2002-01-31 Thread Cyril Rognon
Hi all, I have been following this list from some time now, and I am using FOP for a few month. This piece of software totally respond to my formatting needs. The only issue is with memory consumption as soon as I use tables wich use more than one page. I beleive there might be some memory

Re: Seeking Comments on Status of Project

2002-02-05 Thread Cyril Rognon
are with multipage table eating too much memory) At 15:54 05/02/2002 +0100, you wrote: The only thing that will improve FOP is more people doing something positive even if it is small. Regards, Keiron Liddle Cyril Rognon

RE: Re[4]: FOP section and page breaks

2002-02-07 Thread Cyril Rognon
Hi all, I would like to know if this 7Mb XML (1200 pages document, you mentioned ?) contains much tables. I have far much longer processing time using the same type of machine or even more powerfull ones. Many people have told me that I cannot avoid long times and huge memory footprint. what

Re: Documentation volunteer?

2002-02-08 Thread Cyril Rognon
, if I succed in this documentation writing, I might have time to produce a french version of this stuff if anyone is interested. Thanks Cyril Rognon At 07:06 08/02/2002 +1000, you wrote: Check the htmldoc target in xml-fop/build.xml

Re: AW: Outputstream with PDF from FOP is going cutted

2002-03-06 Thread Cyril Rognon
It looks like you have some illegal character in your String. At least, illegal from the point of view of the code that reads/uses this String. What plateform/encoding do you use ? You said you want to put the binary date into a DB field. Do you use some outpustream that can hold these bytes

Re: Servlet problems

2002-03-26 Thread Cyril Rognon
Hi, I have not done what you are trying to do but I have used java enough to spot a class load precedence error when it comes. I think That the org.w3c.dom.svg.SVGPaint is needed by some other class that has been loaded from a specific level wich is not the batik.jar. I have had the same

[DOCUMENTATION] Understanding part 8+9

2002-04-18 Thread Cyril Rognon
Hi Fopers, I have read my name on the FO status thread and I have realized I have forgotten some of my work :) Here are the Understanding series part 8 and 9 formated in xml acording document-v10.dtd. congratulation to the newly voted commiters ! Hope it helps Cyril area_tree.xml

Re: build failure with J2SDK1.4

2002-04-23 Thread Cyril Rognon
Thanks Keiron, I think you may be right. I have successfully done the build by processing the codegen target with a JDK1.3 JVM and the package target with the new JSDK1.4.0. It worked out well. It appears the XML parser that comes with this last JVM is interfering. Maybe further distro will

Re: [Understanding] Layout Managers [10.0]

2002-04-26 Thread Cyril Rognon
Keiron, Here is the Layout Lanagers section win the xml corresponding format. I have added the book.xml as well with a little change. (tell me if you prefer diff file) These two files are to be put in the ../design/understanding/ directory. ;-) Cyril book.xml Description: application/xml

[DOCUMENTATION] Re: [Understanding] Layout Managers [10.0]

2002-04-26 Thread Cyril Rognon
oops Sorry for those who receive this twice, I have already sent this message but I have forgotten the DOCUMENTATION Subject header. _ Keiron, Here is the Layout Lanagers section in the corresponding xml format. I have added the book.xml as well with a little

Re: Java 1.1.x

2002-05-07 Thread Cyril Rognon
Kendall, the only suitable solution is to set your FOP in a Java2 environement. Either a servlet container (Tomcat/WebLogic/Websphere/Enhydra/...) or a standalone java application. Then make a domino agent query your FOP service outside of the Domino server. Old FOP stuff would be a

Re: Getting an error when using an XHTML file??

2002-05-07 Thread Cyril Rognon
Chad, Fop can render a FO file to PDF. Fop can render a XML file to PDF if you provide the convenient XSL file to transform the XML to FO. Anthena house tutorial gives some XHTML2FO stylesheet you could use or enhance to fit yur need. Cyril At 10:44 07/05/2002 -0400, you wrote: Yes,

Re: page-number-citation

2002-07-02 Thread Cyril Rognon
Hi, (Remark : This is a XSL issue, nothing particular with XSL FO nor FOP. :) you can simply use some other template (usually they use some toc named template) to generate your table of content using the same nodes. This wat, you can use the same xsl:generate-id function to generate the same

Re: page-number-citation

2002-07-02 Thread Cyril Rognon
Again, I must ell you that your issue is XSLT related, not FO nor FOP. You must be sure that the current context node is the same when you generate the fo:block id={generate-id()} and the fo:page-number-citation ref-id={generate-id()}/ ! different ids mean different nodes used by the

RE: OutofMemoryException

2002-07-25 Thread Cyril Rognon
Lou is right. could you tell us what FOP outputs when you use the debug mode ? (-d option in command line). Cyril At 10:53 25/07/2002 -0400, you wrote: Ramana: Is it dumping out FOP error messages even though the report seems to be working? I think these errors can be related to overflows

RE: OutofMemoryException

2002-07-25 Thread Cyril Rognon
I have had some similar problem with one document : Some hyphenated text in a cell that was on two rows (row span) : FOP warned me about some I cannot hyphenate!. I have not seen this with small documents (bellow 500 pages) but with large ones FOP went on an infinite loop. I did exactly like

RE: 0.20.5 release

2003-07-08 Thread Cyril Rognon
Hi Fopers, I can understand your requirements, but I would like to know what memory limit you are looking for and what are the filters you two are talking about. As for me, I have been using FOP for BIG reports (fromm 100 to 2000 pages) with big tables (like you, more than 500 pages long