Re: data sources

2005-10-27 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Torsdag 27. oktober 2005 16:29 skreiv Paolo Cavallini: At 15:55, giovedì 27 ottobre 2005, Paul A. Rubin has probably written: AFAIK, there is no way to dynamically link a LyX document to a database, unless you are willing to write a script that queries the DB and inserts the data directly

Re: Forget Windows

2005-11-08 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Tysdag 8. november 2005 15:57 skreiv Lars Gullik Bjønnes: Gour [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: | Yes, there is code-share, but every individial port (win32, gtk) takes | away the energy time of devs, and that's why I'd prefer to e.g. have | gtk port which could (if) cover Win32, Linux-like OS-es

Re: Forget Windows

2005-11-08 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Tysdag 8. november 2005 17:59 skreiv Gour: Lars Gullik Bjønnes ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote: Note that code share is in the very high 90's %. So, it means that, in case qt goes non-gpl or something, it would not be too hard to port to another toolkit? Lyx source code was divided in 2000(-01?)

Re: Forget Windows

2005-11-08 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Tysdag 8. november 2005 18:48 skreiv Stephen Harris: SH: Hmmm. I like the KDE desktop and looked into the Cygwin port of KDE to Windows, which has been abandoned. Now the effort is to produce a native Windows KDE. I thought I read that this effort relied on Qt (3?) similar to LyX? For the

Re: Abstracts in multiple languages, preface and acknowledgements

2005-11-22 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
On Friday 18 November 2005 16:31, Andreas Kofod-Hansen wrote: Hi I'm writing my masters thesis in lyx, and as I'm writing the thesis in danish, an abstract in english (as well as one in danish) is required. I have tried using the latex directive selectlanguage to select first English (or

Re: problem with minipages...

2006-01-26 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Somethig like this maybe? Latex does not break minipages ususally. So you may have to manually break them into two seperate minpages to get what you want. I also changed a little bit on the presentation part to fit it into 2 pages, you might want to change that back and move some other part

Re: Some things I wonder how to do

2006-04-26 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
on. 26. april 2006 16:53 skreiv Albert Pettersson: Hi! The easiest way is the increase the margin width and put a negative indentation in the document setup dialog. (-5 mm) I only want a small part of the document to be like that. If I do this, the whole document will change, won't it?

Re: import images

2006-05-04 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
to. 4. mai 2006 08:44 skreiv Theo: Hi, i know this has been asked a thousand times and i've read many threads, but stil can't get it to work: i want to import images into lyx. - i have to use insert figure float first - insert into that box insert graphics, right? - i dont want the image

Re: Beamer / Lyx/ Handouts

2006-09-22 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
fr. 22. september 2006 11:32 skreiv Paul Fenner: Can somebody please point me in the right direction to create handouts from my beamer presentation. I have tried to follow the Beamer Class Tutorial but I am getting hopelessly lost. I am using Windows XP / LyX 1.4. Thank you. Paul Install the

SV: How! -- Index with Balanced Columns

2011-02-20 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
The code works for me in the standard book environment. However for book it might be a good idea to change the \clearpage to \cleardoublepage to be certain that it does not change the floats. Why it does not work for you is difficult to know? I would suggest that you make a copy of your book

SV: Prevent Lyx to add with pkg subfig line \@ifundefined{showcaptionsetup}{}{%

2011-02-21 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
to put your command in an ERT box as the first thing in the LyX document. Might not work, depending on the environment. hth, Ingar Pareliussen

SV: SV: Prevent Lyx to add with pkg subfig line \@ifundefined{showcaptionsetup}{}{%

2011-02-22 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
other suggestion (the ERT box) or export to LaTeX and change the code and run LaTeX manually. hth, Ingar Pareliussen

Error in Latex output, LyX adds an extra brace

2011-02-23 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi I am working on a large document and there seem to be an error where LyX adds an extra brace to the LaTeX code. Removing the margin note from the paragraph-environment fixes the error, so the workaround is easy. However, I think this is an error, should I report it the bugtracker? Ingar

SV: Error in Latex output, LyX adds an extra brace

2011-02-23 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
-format, as this file were started in the 1.3-series of LyX and have been converted as new LyX-version have come along, or It might have been an error when I made a new paragraph and accidentally marked the wrong part of the text... Ingar Pareliussen

SV: Error in Latex output, LyX adds an extra brace

2011-02-24 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
that this might be difficult to accomplish and thus I leave it to the programmers to decide if this is something that happens so often that we should use time to fix it. yours, Ingar Pareliussen.

SV: SV: Error in Latex output, LyX adds an extra brace

2011-02-24 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi First let me talk about your particular document; sorry if you already know everything I say. Then I'll talk about your suggested workaround. Don't be sorry for explaining things, even if I understand some LaTeX, it is much easier when we are certain that we understand each other. And my

SV: Multi-column layout for multilingual documents (translations)

2011-03-01 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
You probably should look into the ledmac and ledpar packages As far as I know LyX does not support these packages from the GUI, however you may be content to use ERT to insert raw LaTeX, but it is also possible that this is easier to do in a good LaTeX editor...

SV: is there a way to get Enumerate to continue numbering between separate Enumerations?

2011-03-02 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi have a look at: hth Ingar

SV: RevTeX4 and prb

2011-03-08 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
you here.Maybe somebody else can. hth, Ingar Pareliussen

SV: SV: RevTeX4 and prb

2011-03-08 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi I didn't realize that the options 12pt,aps,prb,preprint could be inserted in the custom field. Thank you. But now I get a bunch of Undefined control sequence errors. The commands \doublespacing \the endnotes \@endanenote all create errors. That was the second time I tried to View PDF

VS: Installation of Lyx Using Windows

2011-03-11 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi What are the guidelines for determining whether one or the other should be chosen during the installation process? I would say it isn't much differnece when looking at LyX, it is more the number of helper program which is installed as well. I would guess that if you have a reasonably quick

SV: Help me out of .doc

2011-03-22 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
, Ingar Pareliussen

SV: LyX: Saves edited version of document as a new version (new file) ?

2011-03-25 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
is no more applicable like when lyx is closed. Check the section 6.2 in the Help-additional functions in LyX, it takes you through how to use the revision control. It should fit your needs for undo etc, however, some knowledge of revisionsystems is helpful... hth, Ingar Pareliussen

SV: contrast of pdf files

2011-03-28 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi I just wondered if there was anything I could do about this, perhaps as its a pdf with black text and a white background is there a way to alter the back ground colour of the pdf file so its slightly off white, which could make it easier to read. In the preamble put something like:

Crash in rc_2

2011-04-05 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
dir:/usr/local/share/lyx_rc2 Ingar Pareliussen test_crash_rc2.lyx Description: test_crash_rc2.lyx

SV: Crash in rc_2

2011-04-05 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
This is not a crash, but an assertion. Most likely caused by an error in the translation. i just fixed some problematic strings, but maybe not the last ones... I'll go through the translations tomorrow, as I am going throuh the pocheck anyway.

SV: Crash in rc_2

2011-04-06 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi I just tried some more small things: You do not need to change the language to anything other than away from default. Removing the \gui_language from the .lyx/preferences makes it seg.fault on save as: # # 2nd MISC SUPPORT SECTION ## # \gui_language nynorsk also

SV: SV: Crash in rc_2

2011-04-06 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi aren't you by chance compiling lyx yourself? Yes, I am. we could test whether switching threads off makes difference... I recompiled without threads, and the problem with save as is not changed. Same behavior as before. The thread problem was not seen of course. Ingar

SV: Error in Lyx

2011-04-12 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi Hi everybody, I get those messages during compiling of the Lyx file: It is difficult just from the error messages to see what is going on, could you make a small example file in lyx, just enough to produce the error, and send it to the list? Ingar

SV: Page numbering

2011-04-28 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi Marit, Usually the article-class should have page-numbering on all pages, so probably something has been changed from the standard, which might make it difficult to know exactly what is wrong. However, the most probably is that Document-Settings...-Page-Layout-Headings-Style is somthing

SV: unwanted blank page

2011-05-03 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
the LaTeX-log :) hth, Ingar Pareliussen

SV: Is it possible to distribute long headings on two lines in the text but on only one in the TOC?

2011-05-16 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi There are many ways to do this, but I suggest that you use chapter* and format the linebreaks (CTRL+ENTER) where you want them and then i ERT add just after chapter* add: \addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{This a long text with the name of the Chapter} HTH Ingar

Re: How to Split Boxes when Using Multicolumns?

2011-07-04 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi Hi all, I am working on a document, which uses multicolumns. I am also using several boxes (Minipage, Simple frame) as well. The problem is: everytime a box -which is near to the end of a column- doesn't fit that column, where it has to be, Lyx (v.2.0.0 on macintosh) automatically transfers

SV: tufte class query

2011-07-04 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
hi In can anyone tell which font they might be using especially for code examples? The pdf says that it uses: Computer Modern roman Pallatino roman Nimbus Sans Bera Sans Mono I would guess the last is used for the code. The tufte class title and

SV: Fwd:

2011-07-18 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi writing a document, I encounter problems with unusual spaces introduced after lowercase letters. Is there any solution to supress these spaces ? Difficult without the LyX file. I guess there could be several reasons. The second may be caused by justified text, you can check this by trying

indexes in texindy and utf8

2011-09-22 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi I make multiple indexes with the texindy, to get correct Norwegian sorting I use utf8 in lyx and run the texindy with the commands: -L norwegian -C utf8 -M lang/norwegian/utf8.xdy from lyx. But this does not work. In the .tex file exported from lyx i get: \sindex[nor]{Åkerkål} and then

SV: indexes in texindy and utf8

2011-09-23 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
but I have not tested this... I hope this will be helpful for someone :). Ingar Pareliussen

SV: Footnotes in longtables

2011-10-12 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
/Tables HTH, Ingar Pareliussen

SV: Marginal Notes Font Size

2011-10-13 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
:) HTH Ingar Pareliussen

SV: Help Formatting and fonts... Beggining Thesis! Critical...

2011-10-28 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi I'm not certain I got everything, but it is a start. I used Helvetica as most ordinary people does not notice the difference between Helvetica and Arial. But Helvetica is a lot nicer imho. Most of the other tricks you can see in the lyx file. hth Ingar Anteproyecto.lyx Description:

SV: Many huge pictures - Memory problems?

2012-02-11 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi Without the file it is difficult to know precisely what is going on. I would say that I do not think it is likely that it is a memory problem, at least my experience is that lyx and latex work fine producing books with many hundreds of images (tif in the 100MB range), making pdfs of

lyx latex-import problem

2012-02-19 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi I have a couple of hundred abstracts from a web form that produces simple LaTeX files. I have cat'ed them into one big LaTeX file and imported it to LyX. This works for the most part, but I have problem with \sindex that needs a option i [index_name] which is not recognized by LyX and

SV: lyx latex-import problem

2012-02-29 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi Please file a bug report if the file is not secret (or if you can easily create a non-secret one). For the time it is secret :), but in a couple of weeks it would not be so I'll have a look at it then. Yes. You have two options: 1) Add the line \sindex[]{translate} %splitidx.sty to the

SV: Placing figures beside text in Beamer

2012-05-09 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Surely there is a way to do this. you need to specify align bottom in settings for the two boxes. See the attached file.(you may have to change the picture if you have another file layout) Ingar Pareliussen example.lyx Description: example.lyx

SV: Beamer, Buttons, and Fancy Footers

2012-05-09 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
} to the preamble To get pagenumbers I think you need to make your own outertheme. You could copy and rename the miniframes and add \insertpagenumber to the theme. For more info read the beamerguide where all this is explained, however, with 250 pages it is a bit daunting :). Ingar Pareliussen

Re: Problem compiling document to Postscript

2012-05-30 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Just a thought: could it be that your /tmp directory almost full? If lyx does not have enough space to copy and convert all the image files in the tmp directory strange things may happen. Ingar - Reply message - From: Påvel Nicklasson To:

Re: Parting line in table float with multicol

2006-11-27 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
må. 27. november 2006 00:25 skreiv Detlev Humann: Thank you, Uwe. Probably I made my example not clear enough. The problem remains: the columns are not balanced without multicol. I need all 3 columns to begin and end on one horizontal line. In each column the space between the entries should

Re: Aspell with Lyx-1.4.3 in Mandriva2007

2006-12-07 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
ty. 5. desember 2006 19:50 skreiv Ramon Flores: Hi: I have a problem at spell-checking in Lyx-1.4.3 (qt front-end), that seems related with the character encoding. Aspell continues using iso-8859-x, the operating system, Mandriva2007, uses utf-8, and Lyx... well I am not sure. On the other

Re: Newbie windows install problem class scrbook is unknown

2007-01-17 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
on. 17. januar 2007 02:16 skreiv yanni papastavrou: Hi, “Using the default document class, because the class scrbook is unknown” Install the koma-script package. Your miktex installation should have a package handler, find this and search for koma and install it. After that reconfigure LyX

Re: LyX-Code env, bash source code, and Bad character code (-1)

2007-01-17 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
on. 17. januar 2007 12:47 skreiv Santiago Romero: Hi, snip Then I select View - DVI and I get the following error in each of the - (minus) signs of the above code: Bad character code (-1) QMAILDUID=`id~-u ~qmaild` A character number must be between 0 and 255. I

Re: Deriving a new LyX environment

2007-01-17 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
ty. 16. januar 2007 23:10 skreiv Steve Litt: On Tuesday 16 January 2007 16:41, Steve Litt wrote: On Friday 21 January 2005 13:52, Matej Cepl wrote: Steve Litt wrote: snip What I want to know is this: where does \enddescription come from? I just realized neither \endolddescription nor

Re: Custom text in enumerated list

2007-01-18 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
to. 18. januar 2007 17:29 skreiv John Yamokoski: Greetings everyone, I was wondering if someone could tell me how to do the following: I want to add some custom text to an enumerated list so that it comes out looking something like: Outcome 1. First item. Outcome 2. Second item. Outcome

Re: Font changes

2007-01-23 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
ty. 23. januar 2007 14:39 skreiv Julio Rojas: Thanks Jürgen but what I would like is that all titles use the Roman font. If I use: \renewcommand{\familydefault}{\rmdefault} use \setkomafont{title}{\rmdefault} to set the title font in Koma-script. If you want more information read pages

Re: Font changes

2007-01-23 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
ty. 23. januar 2007 14:49 skreiv Ingar Pareliussen: ty. 23. januar 2007 14:39 skreiv Julio Rojas: Thanks Jürgen but what I would like is that all titles use the Roman font. If I use: \renewcommand{\familydefault}{\rmdefault} use \setkomafont{title}{\rmdefault} oops a bit too quick

Re: Font changes

2007-01-23 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
ty. 23. januar 2007 16:11 skreiv Julio Rojas: \setkomafont{section}{\rmfamily} \setkomafont{section}{\Huge\rmfamily} or \Large or \huge Ingar

Re: BibTeX and master documents

2007-01-30 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
ty. 30. januar 2007 18:09 skreiv John Hughes: I have just discovered the Insert-File-Child Document option in LyX, which is useful for inserting several chapter documents into one master document. However, if I use BibTeX references in my chapter documents, they don't appear correctly in the

Re: Beamer Class Handout/Speaker's Notes

2007-03-13 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
ty. 13. mars 2007 17:10 skreiv Rich Shepard: The beamer user guide has details on specifying a different class when producing handouts or speaker's notes from the slide presentation. But, those additional classes are not available within LyX ... at least, not on what's installed here.

Re: key bindings on mac os x

2007-03-16 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
fr. 16. mars 2007 05:48 skive Stefano Baroni: Why don't the default key bindings on mac osx follow the standard mac convention? (e.g. italicising could be opt-i, rather than opt-e). Not that it is that important, but it would be much nicer ... Thanks Hi, you can change the key bindings to

Re: How to use Lucida fonts

2007-05-08 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
må. 7. mai 2007 13:52 skreiv Nicolás: Hi! I would like to use Lucida fonts in one document, but I do not know how to do it. First of all, I would like to know if LyX can be somehow configured to include Lucida (or any other font) among the available family fonts in the Text Style dialog. If

SV: Font in output.

2009-12-09 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
-Opprinnelig melding- Fra: nikunj . [] Sendt: 9. desember 2009 11:56 Til: Emne: Font in output. Hi, Isn't there a Times New Roman font available in lyx ? I can see Times Roman, but there is no 'Times New Roman' . My

SV: How to replicate the EXERCISE format from the TeXbook inKomsacript and lyx?

2010-02-10 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
into making a module for the package to integrate it into LyX. Ingar Pareliussen

RE: Beamer question: Addional infos for Teacher

2010-03-21 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
It sound like branches are good fit for your problem. Make the presentation. Make new branch in Document-Setting --Branches. Make the changes for the students, change the document layout to handouts. Make a new branch and add the extra for the teachers. Choose the right branch you want when

RE: Footnote location

2010-04-03 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
would need a small lyx file demonstrating the problem. And please do not top post. It makes it less likely for some of us older folks to reply ;-). (and it is much easier to follow a thread in mail-archive when inline quoting is used, just try it :)) hth, Ingar Pareliussen

RE: Problem with Lyx multirows

2010-04-04 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi, I'm in the process of writing my thesis in Lyx, but I'm pretty new to it. I've been having some problems with creating multirows in tables. I tried to follow the instructions from, but can't get it to work in my own lyx document. Whenever I want to watch the

Translations to nynorsk and bokmål

2010-04-06 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
@ Ingar: LyX needs your translation help. LyX 1.6.6 comes out in 2 weeks and perhaps you find the time to update no.po and/or nn.po. Yes, I know. Sadly my schedule is the next month is quite full (edit one book, write one bookchapter and my regular work on top), and it might be difficult to

RE: Lower-res PDFs

2010-05-21 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Is there some way I could create lower-res PDFs, if I want to share them via the Net? Hi-res photos meant for printing can make for slow transmission via the Net. Thanks! FN If you have contex installed you can use the scripts there to downsample the finished pdf.

RE: Ital-sticking to roman text

2010-06-08 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi Palatino should have special italic fonts, and sticking should not happen. Probably there is something wrong with your LaTeX installation, or you hav added some special LaTeX code that causes the sticking. To help you further we need a short lyx file and pdf file showing the problem.

RE: Ital-sticking to roman text

2010-06-08 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Ingar, my lyx file is attached... FN A small lyx file would have been better. I removed the pictures from the first 100 pages of your book and cut the rest of the book. When I compiled it through pdfTeX I did not observe the problem you describe (tried both acroread and kpdf). However, I

SV: \male \female as ERT - error in LyX pdf export

2010-06-22 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
-Opprinnelig melding- Fra: [] På vegne av Wolfgang Engelmann Sendt: 22. juni 2010 11:17 Til: LyX Users List Emne: \male \female as ERT - error in LyX pdf export Hallo, I get with \male \female as ERT an error in LyX pdf

SV: Long Table

2010-10-08 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi Hi, I'm using excel2latex to transfer a table of 1700 rows and 14 columns to lyx and compile the document gives me error. The file is attached. Looking at your file, you have put the \begin tabualr behind a %, where latex can not find it. In addition there seem to be some more problems

SV: Long Table

2010-10-09 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi I'm trying to change the margins of the page and it gives me lyx errors. The adustwith command should be written in one ERT-box to get rid of some extra }. if this does not work, try to write the command in a fresh ERT-box in lyx. How can I do this? How can I put just a page horizontal?

SV: Done something wrong

2010-11-04 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
You have a $ extra at the end of this line: \hline 30-Oct M H Devonport Services Won $ 10-9 $$ \\ Ingar

SV: Low res PDF

2010-11-07 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
I think you can achieve this by supplying option 'draft' to the class. If this does not work, you can use pspdftools and the --downsample option. Ingar

translated po for 2.0, nynorsk

2010-11-14 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi I have translated the lyx 2.0 po file to norsk(nynorsk), however I have forgotten who I should send i to. Could someone enlighten me? :) Ingar

SV: buffer view pdf2

2010-11-19 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
I'm a absolutely happy with using Lyx since a couple of month, but there is the following small problem: I can't convert pdf anymore. When I press the button, I receive no error message, just nothing happens. The only indication is buffer view pdf2 in the bottom line. -Lyx Version: 1.6.5

SV: hidden texts

2010-12-14 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Have a a look at branches in the user guide. Hopefully it will fit your need. Or you can use LyX-notes to hide the text when producing the text for the students. I guess I would have used branches if this should be done in every chapter, especially if the book should be produced several

SV: Is there a lyx style that bolds only the first sentence of a paragraph?

2011-01-07 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi Use paragraph style on the first sentence in each paragraph, and standard on the rest of the paragraph. In lyx you need to put an enter after the first sentence, but in the input the enter will disappear. As far as I know there is no automatic method, but it should be possible... Ingar

SV: Linguistics module and glosses

2011-01-09 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi Stig, I am no a linguist, however as far I as I understand the covington styles does not support these kinds of aligned symbols, and you have to us kludges to do it, or you could use gb4e and ERT. If you do want gb4e but can't stand ERT you could make a gb4e module for lyx... But this

SV: Including SAS output in latex

2011-02-08 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi . If I use sas.sty generated by SAS, where do I put it so Lyx will recognize it? I put in a folder and Refreshed FCNB on MikTex as per the help manual, but Lyx still couldn't find it. This file needs to be recognised by LaTeX and should go somewhere MikTeX could find it. I guess this

SV: Writing style thesis

2011-02-09 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi first of all I really have to say this program is awesome. I am coming from a completely different area (Speech-Language Therapy), and a friend of mine has convinced me to use lyx for my Masterthesis and then later the phd (so I am not good in computers). It is nice to hear that you

SV: Changing Mouse Cursor Color

2011-02-13 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi Rich Changing the cursor theme works within KDE so it probably xfce is doing something wrong :) Have you tried a restart of xcfe after you change the cursor theme, just write xfwm4 --replace in a command line (Alt-F2), after closing all documents of course :) Ingar

SV: problem to import LaTex document class for conf. paper

2011-02-16 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Now, I managed to see 'ws-procs9x6' in the drop-down list but empty output file was generated because of many LaTeX errors that I not understand. I guess you have install the latex-class correctly and made the lyx layout file correct :). There is another latex class from world scientific

SV: SV: problem to import LaTex document class for conf. paper

2011-02-18 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
The layout from world scientific in lyx's wiki is not same in term of page margin. The one for this particular conference is slightly smaller. If this is the only difference you could try to set the correct margins in lyx, this should take precedence over the margin set in the class. But I guess

SV: LyX LaTeX Error: File `subscript.sty' not found

2013-01-03 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi Hello, Im getting this error on LyX 2.0.5 working on windows. The package is called fragments, if it is not in MikTeX you could instal it from CTAN Ingar

SV: logo

2013-01-14 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
-Opprinnelig melding- Fra: [] På vegne av Jörg Kühne Sendt: 13. januar 2013 20:34 Til: Emne: logo Dear Lyx user list How I could insert a simple logo which would be displayed on each page?

changing the default image editor away from GIMP

2013-02-12 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi After the Gimp crew desided to change its userbase away from casual changing pictures to more powerusers in gimp 2.8, gimp has become a pain in the *** to use with LyX. (for more info I think it is time to look for an

SV: changing the default image editor away from GIMP

2013-02-12 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi What do you use Gimp for? I don't think it's being used for any converters. Do you mean as an editor/viewer for images that you insert? This can be changed to anything you want by going to Tools Preferences File Formats Editor/Viewer I know :), I have done this on my computers, however, I

SV: Problem with text being inserted randomly

2013-05-20 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
;) ) If you do not want to post the resulting file to the public list you can email it to me and I will have a quick look at it :) Ingar Pareliussen

SV: pleading paper

2013-12-06 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
and that is what this list is all about, helping each other. ingar Pareliussen pleading_paper.lyx Description: pleading_paper.lyx pleading_paper2.lyx Description: pleading_paper2.lyx

SV: Fancy cover page?

2013-12-06 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
/path/logo-jpg} \end{minipage} remember to add \usepackage{graphicx} in preamble if this is your only picture. Ingar Pareliussen

SV: SV: pleading paper

2013-12-08 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi Indexes is often very fragile, and the pleading paper template are quite crude. The problem is that an index pages are very different to a normal page (two columns etc). However, by moving the numbering to after the index I were able to get it working. If you need the numbering on the

SV: Need some help figuring out LyX

2014-01-04 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
could add them as local styles connected to the document, but integrated into the menus. What to chose is down to the type of macros, I guess. It is all about the best way of hiding the markup away. Ingar Pareliussen

enhancment request for tex2lyx

2014-01-26 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
When importing norwegian texts latex encoded special charcter get translated.{\aa} - {å} and [\o} - {ø} etc. However, the { and } are imported as ERT and makes the text very hard to read. Could tex2lyx removed the extra {} when importing? Ingar

SV: enhancment request for tex2lyx

2014-01-26 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
I am not sure how to do this reliably. I do not see why one could use the markup you describe, except maybe in bibliography. The problem is that it is never possible to assume safely that a macro does not change its environment (think {\bf}). Hm: I'm probably missing something here. :) I

indexing in 2.1

2014-05-06 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi I have some problems to get indexing to work in LyX 2.1. The attached lyx file should generate the same list as presented (in the same order) in Norwegian, however, it seem to be sorted in english in the index. It has been a couple of months since I last tried to index somthing, but then it

RE: indexing in 2.1

2014-05-09 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi I have solved the problem, but I think there probably is a bug in LyX 2.1. The answer was to restart lyx (this is important or else xindy will fail). open the LyX file and chose texindy and add -L norwegian in the option field. This made lyx call texindy with the correct language. There

RE: indexing in 2.1

2014-05-09 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi The question is, since your document setting had Standard for the index processor, which setting you have in Tools Preferences Output LaTeX. Maybe this settings changed since you used index last time. I do not know what it was in earlier versions of LyX, I have never changed it, now

Some thoughts on lyx 1.6.1

2009-01-07 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
Hi, I have just upgraded from 1.5.3 (lyx has evolved so rapidly lately that I have not been able to keep up, good show everyone!). All in all I love lyx 1.6.1 as I have loved every release of lyx, however there are a couple of things that I am not loving as much :). First of all 90% of my

SV: Some thoughts on lyx 1.6.1

2009-01-07 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
For graphics settings, you should have a look at graphics groups: just give a group name to several graphics insets and they share the same parameters. This could be extended to other insets. Is that what graphics groups are? I was a bit mystified about that option. 'Initialize group name'

SV: Some thoughts on lyx 1.6.1

2009-01-07 Thread Ingar Pareliussen
This is supposed to work. Did you read this in the RELEASE_NOTES? Caveats when upgrading from earlier versions to 1.6.x --- Sadly, deleting the .lyx directory did not help. However, I am using kde 4.2beta and I guess that is the cause.

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