[RBW] Jay's latest H-vid, stuff in it?

2010-04-07 Thread Grant Petersen
It's a Sackville Medium, which by any standards is huge. He carries a tripod and clothes other things in it. He shoots with a Flip, although we recently got something fancier for other things---like the headbadge shot, with that focus-control--Nikon D5000? A DSLR, anyway, small and relatively

[RBW] Stems and handling, short opinion on it

2010-04-07 Thread Grant Petersen
There's more to it than stem length. Width, height, tire weight and contact patch (affected by volume and pressure). With all those independent variables, it can drive you nuts or lead you on a search for a formula that will confuse people by the millions, but it's not necessary. You learn a bike

[RBW] unclaimed custom/Grant

2010-04-22 Thread Grant Petersen
The bike is beautiful, yes, but for a complication of reasons, not all of which are rational, it will be transformed, plained-down, de-'caled, and repainted. Canti-bosses will be added to the seat stays, and it'll be made rackable, and 'enderable---so it will be way more go, tho' some less show.

[RBW] horseshoe rackthing's function

2010-04-26 Thread Grant Petersen
It prevents a load from the center wire of a canti- or centerpull brake, mainly. Also helps locate the load on the platform, so it doesn't scoot into or above the brake itself, so you can work on the brake on a loaded bike. Often used as a lash-point, as someone pointed out. You can cut it off

[RBW] Riv frames work great with drop bars

2010-05-05 Thread Grant Petersen
It seems to me that because of the long top tubes most of Rivendells frames are not designed for drop bars. With the long top tubes you need bars that come back towards you to provide a comfortable reach. UnSo! Terribly, terrifically unso. The Top Tube Ruse in RR--40/ 41? talked all about

[RBW] Riv's favorite names from the suggestions

2010-05-06 Thread Grant Petersen
Abe Vigoda and Dick Van Patton--- pure genius! I think Jerry Van Dyke might beat both of those, though. Larry Matthews, for a youngster's bike? LaToya Jackson, for a women's bike. There's only so much time, only so many lugs. -- Grant Rivendell Bicycle Works www.rivbike.com 925 933 7304 --

[RBW] LaToya etc

2010-05-06 Thread Grant Petersen
FTR, wasn't Sirius. -- Grant Rivendell Bicycle Works www.rivbike.com 925 933 7304 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups RBW Owners Bunch group. To post to this group, send email to rbw-owners-bu...@googlegroups.com. To unsubscribe from this group, send

[RBW] gripkings

2010-05-11 Thread Grant Petersen
texan sean says: I am concerned that the GKs might be so long they'll feel like planks under my feet. 2which I say: that's the *goal*! surface are maximillization. Bullseye used to make pedals with a 4x5 or 4x6 piece of marinegrade plywood mounted onto a pedal body. most comfortable pedal ever,

[RBW] 650b rims

2010-05-12 Thread Grant Petersen
It's easy for any rimmer to make 'em. Easier to make rims than tires, since no new molds or bladders (tools) needed. It's just a matter of where you cut the extrustion before rolling it. The roller tool that determines the radius --- is dialinable. We've rec'd sample rims in odder-than-650B

[RBW] atlantis diffs J vs USA

2010-05-13 Thread Grant Petersen
Steve P sez: I would imagine the tubing is different - or, at least, a different brand. I doubt the geometry would be changed. He is right! -- Grant Rivendell Bicycle Works www.rivbike.com 925 933 7304 -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups RBW Owners

[RBW] disco'd sizes and avail 'damance

2010-05-14 Thread Grant Petersen
: happyrid...@yahoo.com May 13 05:48PM -0700 ^?ui=2view=bspver=ohhl4rw8mbn4#128971d19202c186_digest_top should be able to get what you want. Nope. Rivendell adamantly refuses to build any of the sizes that have been discontinued. ...well, at least the size I asked about. Blindrobert, did

[RBW] fixing leather saddles

2010-05-17 Thread Grant Petersen
Saddle stuffing works great, preemptively or resurrectingly. I've healed eight or nine saddles this way, and ... it's in the current RR, or the one before. On a horse, you have the horse blanket under the leather, so no sag/stretch possible. On a bike saddle, nothing but air. Fill the air with

[RBW] splat-'onnection in back

2010-05-17 Thread Grant Petersen
Manny said: Rivendell's shoe contraption is quite smart! I laughed about it at first but I can see myself using these on hikes or muddy bike rides. I'm curious about the heel straping, and how it's connected. THe first sample laces like a shoe. We'll go with something faster-easier-, maybe one

[RBW] sticky new tires picking up junk

2010-05-25 Thread Grant Petersen
Patrick in VT says...* hose tires are pretty tacky when first mounted - wouldn't be surprised if he picked up a bit glass and it* In the '80s I and everybody I knew rode Avocet tires (slicks), and we all agreed they looked like Almond Roca after the first many minutes. You had to ride them in

[RBW] Atlantis 2?

2010-05-29 Thread Grant Petersen
On Sat, 2010-05-29 at 13:21 -0700, Tony wrote: the cap. The bill has Atlantis with a superscript 2 at the end (squared). Please explain to this Hillborne owner. Steve P said: The first Atlantis was a Bridgestone touring bike. *Steve wins big points for getting this right. Impressive! G* --

[RBW] scooter widda shock

2010-05-30 Thread Grant Petersen
Aero bars AND a suspension fork! Signs of the pending apocalypse? Cheers, David I scoot one-handed, and I tried resting on the grip, but I slip forward. Mark rigged the rest for me; works great. Shocks came widda scoot. I'm getting into this scooter thing. Don't be shocked if, a year and a

[RBW] What a diff a W or T makes in short words that start with N O

2010-06-27 Thread Grant Petersen
John Blish says: Grant has mentioned several times that he found his KickBike convenient for exercise and even occasional transportation during his time off the bike. He mentioned yesterday that he is *now* pitching that lifestyle. He ha Grant Says: If I wrote now it was a mistake. Shouldn've

[RBW] dat funky Riv

2010-07-12 Thread Grant Petersen
Well, now I know how Louis Vuitton feels (I've always been curious). I've been know to have brain farts (and grain farts), but I'm thinking what lugs are those? They aren't ours. We did use Henry James crowns for about 20 frames for a while there, till we got our own. The dropouts are raised in

[RBW] Re: cycling watercolor?

2009-08-03 Thread Grant Petersen
Nobody will know this, so I'll just tell you (to prevent speculation!). The rule in this family is: The children don't spend money on the parents for b'day, Christmas, etc. They have to make something. Both my daughters like to draw and paint, and I see them in every stroke of their work, so the

[RBW] Re: New Pacenti 650b tire

2009-08-05 Thread Grant Petersen
Sch Mara Supreme 35s. Coly How! or the 40s. The 41s can measure anywhere btw 36 and 40, dpndn on the rim. On Keven's Open Pros: 36. On Synergy rims. about 40. Wider rims make wider tires. More so than I used to believe even 200 days ago. G On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 12:54 PM, Steve Palincsar

[RBW] Re: Widest tires on green Quickbeam?

2009-08-06 Thread Grant Petersen
You can measure the chainstay width, inside-2-inside, at the point where the tire passes, then figure howevermany millimeters you're comfortable with for clearance (four is a fine minimum-and the Japanese standard, Times 2 that's 8.). Then do the negative arithmetic, and blammo--there's your max

[RBW] Re: SRAM Recall

2009-08-09 Thread Grant Petersen
Hey, for all of y'all know, I ride eleven speeds in my private time, and one of those carbon truss bikes, and am a secret test rider for Shimano's 2012 parts, and I dress in the full kit so nobody will recognize me. Grant Don't 'grant-centric' me Petersen On Sun, Aug 9, 2009 at 11:20 AM, Joe

[RBW] Re: standover height

2009-08-10 Thread Grant Petersen
RIght, usually it's the left foot on a twelve-o'clock pedal, the bike leaning right with the top tube on the right hamstring, and the right foot on the ground. Howowowowowowever...the CPSC requires that the bike clear the crotch by an inch. Crotch to a modern male who wears his belt nine inches

[RBW] reach to bars

2009-08-10 Thread Grant Petersen
And actual reach to the bars is probably, I would say, more important than the physical measurement of the top tube itself. In RR41 or 40 (it's been a while), there was a story 'bout this. In a nutshell: All else about he frame being the same--same seattube angle, same head tube angle, same top

[RBW] AHH will go on forever

2010-01-11 Thread Grant Petersen
I can see how (I mean, clearly see how) it could sound like we're thru with the AHH, but it's not so. Only the Japanese ones. Toyo has never made them bigger than 58, anyway..and Wford has never made them smaller than 57. But Wford has made many and will continue to (forseeble future, etc), and it

[RBW] why no need to feel self-conscious on a rivendell

2010-01-17 Thread Grant Petersen
Related to self-conscious comments Last weekend I was up on the mountain at the halfway up hangout spot where most people (me too) usually sit and talk. I had my 58650B AHH with bags front and rear, and my friend had his Bleriot. There were four or five other riders there on normal bikes, and one

[RBW] all about Walnut Creek (related to Eric's visit!)

2010-01-18 Thread Grant Petersen
When I was growing up, WC was a poorish town you got to via a dirt road at the bottom of Snake Hill. WC is a mix of old and new. It has one fancy part--that downtown area. There is a Tiffany, See's Candy, Nordstrom, Victoria's Secret---but they're downtown, where rents are high. We're in an

[RBW] Hunqapillar da name

2010-01-25 Thread Grant Petersen
brustow says: Nice try..but it's a dumb ass name Is Grant directly poking at those who deride steel as too slow, heavy and old fashioned? Grant (that's me) says: Nope, there's no deepness to the name, and that wouldn't be a direct, anyway. Not digging the name---I get that. It's not suave or

[RBW] 84Haiti deal

2010-01-28 Thread Grant Petersen
I think the 80 For Haiti should be a good ride, and ALL the loot goes to Haiti. Anybody on this list who signs up: $20 credit on your account. On top of that, I'll get the names of the Forum members who signed up, put them on actual Post-Its, put those Post-Its in an actual hat, and draw out four

[RBW] what he heck is 80 For Haiti?

2010-01-29 Thread Grant Petersen
Sorry--- I read a reference to it--from Aaron-- and I thought there'd been some discussion I'd missed, and everybody knew. Here's the link: http://www.adventurecorps.com/80/index.html -- Grant Rivendell Bicycle Works www.rivbike.com 925 933 7304 -- You received this message because you are

[RBW] TCO in general..

2010-02-01 Thread Grant Petersen
Seems to be a problem because it has a name/acronym. All it means is that at speeds less than about 6mph, if you turn the wheel enough and time it just wrong with your pedal stroke, your shoe hits the fender or tire. It's one of those things that sounds worse than it is. It cannot happen at faster

[RBW] Riv lug 'larification

2010-03-23 Thread Grant Petersen
We've always used only our own lugs. There aren't any St. James lugs. There was a Jill St. John, and there is a Henry James and there are Henry James lugs, but there was never any collaboration there, and the 2000 model custom has Riv lugs. May be older ones, but still Riv lugs. No biggie, but no

[RBW] Hunqageometry

2010-03-25 Thread Grant Petersen
It should be up today or tomorrow. The thing about geospreadsheets is...they tend to mesmerize and confuse people, because they always leave out numbers that are affected by other numbers, and if you read the included numbers and compare them to geospreads of other bikes with the same numbers, but

[RBW] Diagonapillar

2010-04-04 Thread Grant Petersen
Midpoint of headtube to midpoint of seat tube. Sorta mixte-like. (Jim Thrill/Hiawatha said...) Keven loves the 62 Betty/Yves, and rides it a lot, and rode it with weight, and remarked how well it carried it, not what you'd expect from a mixte. But the design like that works, and that lead to the

[RBW] Re: Pedal strike and platform pedals

2012-05-19 Thread Grant Petersen
I agree with all...but happen to have micro-knowledge about some particulars. The Grip King pedal has the best clearance of any pedal we sell...was designed to win and does. Much of this is obvioius, but here it is all at once: Pedal clearance is only a function of how far the pedal sticks out

Re: [RBW] Digest for rbw-owners-bunch@googlegroups.com - 25 Messages in 11 Topics

2011-09-08 Thread Grant Petersen
Ahh...well, my slightly arrogant answer to that would be to translate the Latin for him. Tell him it means: I'm stubborn, therefore.. The idea being that the brute hasn't heard of Descartes, and soitenly can't talk Latin-like! Allingham II, Thomas J thomas.alling...@skadden.com Sep 08

[RBW] Re: BuBar on Riv Site.........

2011-10-14 Thread Grant Petersen
Dustin's seen the bars, but knows if he divulges anything, he's in for it, and it is not pleasant. TapeBubba.MAY have seen them. May NOT have noticed them. We still have that thing going, where, if somebody posts a clear photo, then we raise the price on everybody's handlebars by $20, and

[RBW] Re: Near-Catastrophic Rim Failure

2011-12-05 Thread Grant Petersen
Many of you will remember, and all of you can relate to Keith Bontrager's maxim from the late '80s: Light Strong Inexpensive: Pick Two It works to some extent with all bike parts, but even IT can't come to the rescue when the thing is just too light. Do you know the thickness of the braking

[RBW] Re: Extreme Exercize

2012-01-25 Thread Grant Petersen
Super neat and thanks, Michael. I love this stuff...as you've supposed. I'll finish reading it tonite. Thank you, really, for sending.. On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 5:29 PM, Michael Hechmer mhech...@gmail.com wrote: A while back the Riv Reader published an article challenging the benefits of ultra

Re: [RBW] Riv headset spacer bell mount outside diameter in line with your spacers, or wider?

2014-07-21 Thread Grant Petersen
I've got no Cranial connections, but I know who does. I like the new 9/8 designation(---we can pronounce it design-ation), but we're sticking with the old standard 8/8, for the record. On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 2:43 PM, Joe Bunik jbu...@gmail.com wrote: You're not grip-sniffing alone on

[RBW] Re: Bike Industry Controlled by Grant Peterson

2014-11-06 Thread Grant Petersen
About the influence thing, with practical bikes, and so on: I'm not dumb enough or falsely humble enough to deny that Rivendell has had influence, but to put it on ME gives me too much credit. As some have pointed out, lots of what we're doing with bikes has been done before in some

Re: [RBW] OT (grant-related, not Riv-related): lo-carb, high fat protein, ketosis, c.

2014-11-07 Thread Grant Petersen
Many of the issues brought up here are addressed (I address them) in the book. Not to say that my addressing them carves them into even limestone, but the book can speak for itself and me, and I'd hate for somebody to hear ketosis or diabetes and assume that I'm wacky on either of those. I

Re: [RBW] OT (grant-related, not Riv-related): lo-carb, high fat protein, ketosis, c.

2014-11-08 Thread Grant Petersen
Humans are omnivores, of course. I hesitate to say THIS, but if we evolved from apes, and it's understandable that we'd have some ape-like features--like a sideways-moving jaw, and eyeballs in front. Right now and for the last 200,000 years, our digestive system looks more like a dog's than

Re: [RBW] Re: OT (grant-related, not Riv-related): lo-carb, high fat protein, ketosis, c.

2014-11-11 Thread Grant Petersen
I started the blog mostly because it's an author's respo to assist the pub in selling the books. It's not like--now I wrote it, now you sell it. Not wanting to rewrite every entry, I starting doing stuff that i don't do in the book--like photo food. It's easy, I do it at home as I'm making the

[RBW] Re: FS/WTT New-in-the box Waterford Atlantis 56cm

2014-11-13 Thread Grant Petersen
Tiny thing, petty I'm sure, but Waterford Atlantis sort of hands off our hand in the bike to Waterford. We're happy and proud that Wford builds some models for us, but the things that make an Atlantis an Atlantis all came from us...so USA-built Atlantis goes down much easier here. On Friday,

[RBW] Re: Joe Appaloosa sneak peek

2014-11-22 Thread Grant Petersen
The long mystery bikes (we sold ten) of a few years ago got me/us going on LW (long wheelbase) bikes. The ride is really good, but they don't fit in boxes well, for shipping. The dreamy ride of those bikes lead to longer chainstays on other bikes, and ultimately (well, maybe not ULTIMATELY) we

[RBW] Re: I rode the Clem Smith proto this morning

2014-11-27 Thread Grant Petersen
We want to get Clems complete, but cash flow never allows that these days, so when they come (late '15?) they'll be available as framesets. There's clearance for 55 with fender. Whenever we hit out target clearance, there's always complaints (from us here, too!) that well, too bad it won't fit

Re: [RBW] Re: I rode the Clem Smith proto this morning

2014-11-27 Thread Grant Petersen
so far, 59...but that'll fit to pbh 95 On Thu, Nov 27, 2014 at 11:35 AM, Kieran J kjo...@gmail.com wrote: Amazing idea! Grant, what's the biggest size Clems'll come in? Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere. KJ On Thursday, November 27, 2014 1:04:19 PM UTC-5, Grant

Re: [RBW] Re: New Hatchet Use

2014-12-30 Thread Grant Petersen
http://www.whitesboots.com/index.php?dispatch=categories.viewcategory_id=444 Whites Smokejumper Boots have high heels, and I always thought they looked like old granny gunshooter boots..and a few years ago I was at a trade show, stopped at the Whites booth, and I asked the guy there hey, why

[RBW] Re: Grant Petersen's views on mountain bike development?

2015-02-17 Thread Grant Petersen
I've changed my thoughts on handlebar height and toe clips...but I think I'm on more solid ground now. I see that MB-3 in the spread and ... it's begging for Bosco bars, and to be stripped of its toe clips! That was from 24 years ago, I think. I'll stand by the rest of it! G On Sunday,

Re: [RBW] Re: Rosco Bubbe

2016-02-13 Thread Grant Petersen
As designers and manufacturers, we like (and have some kind of obligation) to try things ourselves that may or may not work on our customers' bikes. We're often asked about parts we haven't tried, and a lot of the time have no interest in trying---for reasons good or bad, but usually good. Keeping

Re: [RBW] Re: What's in a Rivendell name?

2016-02-15 Thread Grant Petersen
Ultra laid-back. On Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 9:05 AM, sameness wrote: > Tad Lude. Reeeally relaxed geometry. > > Jeff Hagedorn > Los Angeles, CA USA > > On Monday, February 15, 2016 at 8:35:03 AM UTC-8, Grant @ Rivendell wrote: >> >> Tad Lewd might fly as a model

Re: [RBW] Re: Talk to me about bottom brackets

2016-05-03 Thread Grant Petersen
seem indestructible, even after riding through > streams and watching muddy water flow out upon emerging. > > On Mon, May 2, 2016 at 2:37 PM, Grant Petersen <grant6...@gmail.com> > wrote: > >> >> >> The final adjustment takes some skill and time and experience an

Re: [RBW] Re: Talk to me about bottom brackets

2016-05-02 Thread Grant Petersen
Here's one, and forgive my continued warning. I promise you this is not good old fashioned reverse psychology. This style emerged because it's simple and it works. It got extinguished in the late '80s or early '90s NOT because after a hundred or more years some smart modern mechanic found a flaw

Re: [RBW] Re: Any benefits to the longer CS's?

2016-07-01 Thread Grant Petersen
"Rocks in the top of the engine" is a phantastik fraze---I just wish it were more versatile so I could plug it in here and there during the day. On Thu, Jun 30, 2016 at 6:42 PM, Deacon Patrick wrote: > Doesn't it all depend on how many rocks are in the top of the engine? I'm

Re: [RBW] Re: Any benefits to the longer CS's?

2016-07-01 Thread Grant Petersen
It's one chain, just more links. Most chains come 114 or 116 links. The 60cm Cheviot has a 56cm chainstay (our longest) and typically uses 123 links...so, to be clear, eradicate all heads of visions of double chain shenannigans. It is true that when you buy a boxe chains you have to buy two of


2017-01-27 Thread Grant Petersen
Dream was good, probably acceptable given the "low car.." clue, instead of carb. tree to bike: MY answer was cork, but rubber (one person)--that's as good or better! snap prone fork is carbon, but one sharpshooter had aluminum, and...kind of works, too. if I were a dumb millionaire (for the

Re: [RBW] Re: Grant's Other Book

2017-02-24 Thread Grant Petersen
Ben Davis "Can't Bust 'em" sticker. Yes, a Ritchey (good eye)--lugged and crowned from '77. On Fri, Feb 24, 2017 at 4:44 AM, 'Mark in Beacon' via RBW Owners Bunch < rbw-owners-bunch@googlegroups.com> wrote: > Double bandana! Bike with sticker! Regular clothes! Beginnings of S24O! A > watch! I

Re: [RBW] Re: Grant's Other Book

2017-02-25 Thread Grant Petersen
My current publisher isn't interested, and an agent I know says the internet has made it obsolete. I don't think so. People still hold paper now and then, and it sold well back then and would do better now. When it was current, I had a lot of credit cqrd debt and checking account overdraft

Re: [RBW] Re: PSA: VP Pedals on sale

2017-02-15 Thread Grant Petersen
ON LBS or ONLINE or combo: Not all ONLINERS are alike. At one extreme there is the late-20s guy who never left the house or ramped up his resume, but he got into bikes, and cleared the hurdles to getting a reseller's permit. He eats and sleeps iwhether or not he sells anything, but he likes to

Re: [RBW] Re: PSA: VP Pedals on sale

2017-02-15 Thread Grant Petersen
Nobody here keeps score, but for the record...if we had a thousand Patrick Moores, we'd be fat and gorgeous. On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 3:49 PM, Patrick Moore wrote: > One -- I won't say problem, but one factor affecting a decision to buy > from Rivendell or from another

Re: [RBW] Re: Grant's Other Book

2017-02-26 Thread Grant Petersen
I'm still with Mary Anderson, and I like that, too. On Sun, Feb 26, 2017 at 2:01 PM, BenG wrote: > First time I saw this cover I noted "with Mary Anderson" and I like that. > > -- > You received this message because you are subscribed to a topic in the > Google Groups "RBW

Re: [RBW] Thank you and "Enjoy the Ride!"

2016-09-15 Thread Grant Petersen
If DP was sincere (and we all believe he was), then I doubt he's sitting home reading the gush and glowing...which isn't to say slow down on it, just that...he might not be actually reading it. I asked him to call and he did and I said *whuddup*, and he sounded as he always has (we've spoken to

Re: [RBW] Re: Silver 2 shifters

2016-11-05 Thread Grant Petersen
The pricing of Silver parts and kits is "non-strategic" and is supposed to be person-friendly, so you don't feel like a bad money-manger for buying components separately. A critic could see the whole shebang price as not offering any discount, but we go at it from the other way. It's hard to apply

Re: [RBW] Re: Silver 2 shifters

2016-10-19 Thread Grant Petersen
Downtube shifters are so much better than the original Campy shifters that were mounted on the seat stays. But even they were breakthroughs for the time--for the first time ever, a rider should shift remotely. We have a bike here with those "Cambio Corsa" shifters, and anybody who comes by can try

Re: [RBW] Re: ROADINI tease on the BLUG

2016-10-12 Thread Grant Petersen
Road 700x44 is Sam. Roadini is a cheap Rodeo, for the most part. It'll fit med-reach (around 54-55mm) brakes. (I use "cheap" in a celebratory, not degrading way!) Sidepulls (or Paul bolt-on) B/O for Mark's Rack, but single rear eyelet below, so as not to encourage the fashionable monster front

Re: [RBW] Re: Silver 2 shifters

2016-10-23 Thread Grant Petersen
This is an early version of the tightener screw. I'm not sure I like the options it provides--rather confusing. The current one has a pentalobe head (google it until we get the newer version up there). On Sat, Oct 22, 2016 at 9:26 PM, Lungimsam wrote: > I hope they keep

Re: [RBW] Re: Silver 2 shifters

2016-10-20 Thread Grant Petersen
If now and then or from the start we call them Thimble Shifters---if we or I EVER do--Ryan gets a free pair. Since 'tis the season for voting, the polls are open till Saturday at 10 o'clock California time. Silver THIMBLES The SILVER part is alredy in the genes. That's the brand. Model would be

Re: [RBW] Re: Silver 2 shifters

2016-11-11 Thread Grant Petersen
Reginald! You're still around! I associate you with my garage and holding my then toddler old Anna like a football when trying to work...that was your era. Thanks for hanging in! On Fri, Nov 11, 2016 at 1:37 PM, R. Alexis wrote: > Those shifters look nice. Look forward to

Re: [RBW] blug notes

2016-11-11 Thread Grant Petersen
I truly and not patronizingly accept and celebrate all the different points of view. It's what you do with them. Non-believers can be mean or nice, same as believers. Variety is good! (And, my own opinions have changed over the years, too.) This is a terrific group. I don't frequents lists, but I

Re: [RBW] New BLUG post! Frank Jones Sr

2016-10-27 Thread Grant Petersen
JIm, you win the covered HUH Prize, as the first responder to a contest most didn't know was a contest! I will send you something in the mail designed to elicit the same response again! On Thu, Oct 27, 2016 at 10:12 AM, James Warren wrote: > huh > > Sent from my iPhone

Re: [RBW] Silver 2 shifters

2016-10-15 Thread Grant Petersen
They'll be good replacements, yep. The ghost shifts--up in the mid and upper range, it may take two clicks to lock the gear in. It works...but it can be a challenge. I doubt I'll change my CLEMshifters, but they are a transitional species, maybe. On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 9:20 PM, Reid

Re: [RBW] Silver 2 shifters

2016-10-17 Thread Grant Petersen
We send the place an SLA file and they make it in 3D plastic. It's in SoCal, called...ForeCast, I think. It's a good way to go before metal..! On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 9:51 AM, Bill Lindsay wrote: > Grant > > In the BLUG post, the sample/prototype looks like a white plastic.

Re: [RBW] Re: MUSA? Completely gone? Coming back?

2016-12-05 Thread Grant Petersen
Clothing companies with staff designers can please more people than bicycle companies trying their hand at clothing, that's for sure. Making one style and fit of anything and trying to fit the O's and I's, the short and tall, the ones who like a tailored fit and the ones who don't, and that's even

Re: [RBW] Re: Grant coached Bike Snob on today's blog post

2017-04-01 Thread Grant Petersen
It's an option, but it would require more self-promotion than I'm comfortable with. The original book plan has been modified, and there's bike content for sure. I probably won't say much about it, to avoid a major public belly flop...but *I *think it'll be a good one. It's taking forever because

Re: [RBW] Re: book of possible interest to Rivendell riders

2017-04-09 Thread Grant Petersen
nine years ago my then 13-year old daughter learned how and showed me how to make a true quill pen from a thick-stemmed feather. Shape the head right (see fountain pen) and dip it, and it holds it and doesn't leak. I'm sure you can get goose or tukey feathers online... On Sun, Apr 9, 2017 at 9:30

Re: [RBW] Re: Opinions on saddlebags? Swift vs. Carradice vs. Sackville

2017-04-16 Thread Grant Petersen
I'm a good speller except for occassions, diahrhea, characature... the CT was just a fastly typed typo. I don't sweat the spellings for these posts, don't go over them. On Sun, Apr 16, 2017 at 11:18 AM, 'Mark in Beacon' via RBW Owners Bunch < rbw-owners-bunch@googlegroups.com> wrote: > Just so's

Re: [RBW] Re: Opinions on saddlebags? Swift vs. Carradice vs. Sackville

2017-04-16 Thread Grant Petersen
I spelled all of them wrong. I give up on those words. On Sun, Apr 16, 2017 at 6:17 PM, Shawn Granton < urbanadventurelea...@gmail.com> wrote: > Thanks! I'm going to save this up for the Grant Petersen spelling bee. > > (By the way, you spelled occasions wrong.) > > Yours,

Re: [RBW] Re: Opinions on saddlebags? Swift vs. Carradice vs. Sackville

2017-04-13 Thread Grant Petersen
At some point in the distant but forseeable future there will be a scramble for sackville bags, and it will be lead by those who already have a bag made with the highest quality materials and a flat-floored pouch that doesn't tilt the load, and has a stiff lower lip and a flap-tongue that contains

Re: [RBW] Re: Opinions on saddlebags? Swift vs. Carradice vs. Sackville

2017-04-19 Thread Grant Petersen
I should be clear about the future of Sackvilles as I see it/predict it. There's nothing on my visible horizon, but the two principles there are aging and there may be another reason that I don't want to say -- that leads to a retirement of both, and there is no middle-management eager or able to

Re: [RBW] Re: Atlantis now redundant?

2017-03-05 Thread Grant Petersen
The 2017 Joe Ap forks are Atlantis-weight. The 2016s were between Sam and Atl. Both are strong.. On Sun, Mar 5, 2017 at 12:08 PM, Wayne Naha wrote: > From the Blug, on the premier of the Joe Appaloosa: > > > If it’s “half Sam, half Hunqa,” howzit different than an Atlantis?

Re: [RBW] Roadini at RBW

2017-06-19 Thread Grant Petersen
The new seat lug doesn't care what the seat tube angle or any of that it--it rotates to accommodate. That is a convenience, but in the rotation dept it's no diff than a standard side-braze. The original Trek lugs from '78 or so were totally fixed angles, as were the dropouts, and each size had its

Re: [RBW] Re: The BLAHG, eRivs?

2017-05-18 Thread Grant Petersen
Apologies for the confusing last eight words of my post. It was all fine up to them..and even I can't figure it out. Oh, language! ("...has to be worked out in 'pedal' mode.") Whaaa--? On Thu, May 18, 2017 at 9:30 AM, Grant @ Rivendell wrote: > We won't sell eBikes

Re: [RBW] Re: The BLAHG, eRivs?

2017-06-03 Thread Grant Petersen
On Sat, Jun 3, 2017 at 9:02 AM, drew wrote: > I don't know if I would buy one (and since he's already said he's against > it, it would sorta make me sad) but I think it would be a good move for the > company and they would sell a lot. It would also help to differentiate

Re: [RBW] Re: Frank Jones, latest Knothole post

2017-12-17 Thread Grant Petersen
Back from my short playdate... Going out again soon, but thanks for the correction on the PBH which should've been SH, or the other way around. It's fixed now. On Sun, Dec 17, 2017 at 11:39 AM, Patrick Moore wrote: > Thanks for this. What is the sta -- does anyone know?

Re: [RBW] Re: Silver Shifter 2 project revived

2017-12-07 Thread Grant Petersen
No, it's a prototype, something we'll be trying out and maybe do to a biggish roadish frame next year. I'm surprised nobody's said anything. It's fne, though! On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 6:41 PM, Ray Varella wrote: > No one has mentioned the diversion attachment, > Grant, is

Re: [RBW] Re: Silver Shifter 2 project revived

2017-12-06 Thread Grant Petersen
Note to non-deacon Patrick: Your size is a mixte! On Wed, Dec 6, 2017 at 7:57 PM, Patrick Moore <bertin...@gmail.com> wrote: > *That's *what I had in mind. Thanks. > > Non-diaconal-Patrick, who damn' well won't buy a 59, in ABQ, NM. > > On Wed, Dec 6, 2017 at 4:31 PM, G

Re: [RBW] Re: Silver Shifter 2 project revived

2017-12-07 Thread Grant Petersen
No, I meant 610mm. World records. On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 11:54 AM, Peter Adler wrote: > 610mm = 61cm = 24" and change. You mean 61mm, yes? > > Peter Adler > who bought a set of those @100mm cruiser Tektro DP sidepulls at a > warehouse sale a few years back, decided that

Re: [RBW] Re: FS Rivendell Silver Shifters

2017-10-31 Thread Grant Petersen
I'm told, yes, That's what inspired the v.2, Dia-Compe has its own version using our tooling, tho. B, G On Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 9:11 AM, lum gim fong wrote: > So the original SS1 is still dying out? > > -- > You received this message because you are subscribed to a

Re: [RBW] Re: Banana sax reviews needed. Stuff fall out?

2018-05-21 Thread Grant Petersen
About the Banana Sack, just an opinion : 1. Sway is often an unnecessary concern. There is a difference between an "on the bike" problem and an "in the head theoretical" one. 2. Security is good. The least secure mount, ironically, is the original intended mount, on the saddle loops. Then the

Re: [RBW] Re: Eat Bacon Don't Jog--Goal set, goal met

2018-05-24 Thread Grant Petersen
It's hard core low carb and has stuff about ketosis. Probably not surprisingly and sometimes maybe maddeningly, in its hardcoreness it gives tough scores to some of our favorite foods than, in a softer core world, are considered healthy. But what is tolerable before your pancreas is shot is

Re: [RBW] Re: RIV Catalog Arrived

2018-05-22 Thread Grant Petersen
at this point, two ways to get a catalog 1. order something 2. call and ask in a week or so we'll have it online, for those who prefer a screen! On Tue, May 22, 2018 at 11:15 AM, Patrick Moore wrote: > I haven't, but then I told Riv to keep my donation, so perhaps they

Re: [RBW] Re: How crucial is it to chase the threads a derailleur hanger

2018-05-31 Thread Grant Petersen
Now it makes more sense. I SEE our mechs chasing der hanger threads, maybe just figured if they saw a particularly "clean" one they might skip it. I'll find out the deal anyway, but might not "report my findings" here on le Forume.. just because...it'll be taken care of or already is, whatever.

Re: [RBW] Re: RIV Catalog Arrived

2018-06-05 Thread Grant Petersen
Originally I had "testicals," (in that use it was referring to men), then that became the proper spelling, "testicles," then Kim (the woman on the cover of the '94 Bstone cat), was helping with proofing and judgment calls, said to go with yoo-hoo, which I'd never heard of. In my circle, we call

Re: [RBW] Re: Dear Riv, please make a wider Noodle

2018-06-25 Thread Grant Petersen
On Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 5:20 AM, ctifusion wrote: > Thanks for the info Grant. I can understand Nitto's position. I have a lot > of miles on those bars in road and "gravel" conditions and I don't get any > sense that they are weak or dangerous. > > Also, not sure what the deleted message said

Re: [RBW] Re: Dear Riv, please make a wider Noodle

2018-06-25 Thread Grant Petersen
I want a Noodle-moose too, Chris! On Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 11:21 AM, Christopher Murray < chrispmurra...@gmail.com> wrote: > I will pre-order any noodle-moose bars!!! > > Chris > > -- > You received this message because you are subscribed to a topic in the > Google Groups "RBW Owners Bunch"

Re: [RBW] Thanks Grant

2018-07-02 Thread Grant Petersen
It'll be a first look at our three-top tube bike! On Mon, Jul 2, 2018 at 12:40 PM, Bill Lindsay wrote: > Bill hits the "Refresh" button on the BLAHG > Bill hits the "Refresh" button on the BLAHG again > Bill hits the "Refresh" button on the BLAHG again > Bill hits the "Refresh" button on the

Re: [RBW] Thanks Grant

2018-07-02 Thread Grant Petersen
A trifecta, or a triple threat to our continued existence? We'll see.. we're working on a spider web frame. On Mon, Jul 2, 2018 at 4:12 PM, 'Mark in Beacon' via RBW Owners Bunch < rbw-owners-bunch@googlegroups.com> wrote: > That will make folks do a double-take. > > On Monday, July 2, 2018 at

Re: [RBW] Re: Frustrated by RBW lack of inventory

2018-04-26 Thread Grant Petersen
If at first you don't succeed, etc. It's an ongoing challenge, no doubt, but always a worthy one. On Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 2:43 PM, John Hawrylak wrote: > Grant's theme of "duplication" was stated about 5 to 6 years ago, but I > did not notice a large reduction. > >

[RBW] Happy Fantastic Rivendell Perfecto Shopping Experience!

2018-04-29 Thread Grant Petersen
It's not up to me, but I wish the subject titles like "Frustrated by Riv's lack of inventory" wouldn't stay alive for weeks. It may have made sense in the original post, and it's no up to me to change the rules of posting or threading or whatever, but tour inventory level right now is at the past

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