Re: iOS 14 sucks!!

2020-10-05 Thread Donna Casteen
Hi, Turn off wifi calling. I was having the problem that you described. Turning off wifi calling fixed my problem. Donna Whenever I answer a call like I’m supposed to the call that’s calling does not come through so I have to hang up and call back or like when I was talking to someone a few

Re: Request description of a problem and solution if any

2020-10-05 Thread Donna Casteen
or tapped. Some people are reporting bad battery drainage. Apple reported that the battery drain problem can be solved by erasing "all content in settings or resetting all settings, another words returning your device to manufacture > >  Donna > Sorry for the somewhat

Re: Calendar time picker issue

2020-10-01 Thread Donna Casteen
Yes, I'm using an iPhone 7 & having the same problem when trying to add an event to the calendar. It's a shame Apple broke something that didn't need fixing. Donna > > I sent the following to Apple Accessibility, and was wondering if anyone > else had experienced this problem

Re: list of my problems with voiceover and iOS 14

2020-09-23 Thread Donna Casteen
he Zoo 3 of 3 wifi bars), before folder names (Send word games folder) & in the area where I flick to go to the different pages of my apps (Send Page 1 of 2). These are the only voiceover problems that I have came across so far, since updating to IOS 14 on the day that it was released. Donna

Re: Looking for a holiday calendar for my iPhone

2020-09-23 Thread Donna Casteen
Hi, Apple's calendar can do this, for US holidays only though. Just open the calendar app, tap on the calendars tab at the bottom, swipe up the screen from the bottom until you come to Holidays, tap to turn the feature on .Donna > >  > Hi all, > > I’m looking

Re: Beeping sound when swiping across screen

2020-09-22 Thread Donna Casteen
Shirley, If you want to stop the beeps; Go to Settings, Accessibility, Voiceover, Audio, Sounds & swipe down to Detect Text & Images, tap to open & tap to unselect this feature. Donna > >  > I have an iPhone 6S plus and I don't have voice recognition. I do get the

Re: How to change the Apple ID of a purchased app

2020-09-19 Thread Donna Casteen
the backup of the app from your iCloud. What was a Free app years ago may now be a paid app. Two things to consider before proceeding with deleting the app. Donna > > Hi, > > I don't think you can do this. However, you might try this. > > 1. Delete the app from your phon

Re: My phone says screen dimmed, then locks while on a phone call in iOS 14

2020-09-16 Thread Donna Casteen
Kevin, This has been happening for me, at least since IOS 13.7, but may be longer. It isn't a big deal for me, being that when I press the power button the phone unlocks & I have access to the dialpad. Donna > >  > Hi. > > I’m not sure how well I like this. I

Re: Apple Arcade, are any of the games accessible

2020-09-15 Thread Donna Casteen
Hi, No, none of the Apple arcade games are accessible. I just cancelled the 1mo. Free that I signed up for, so that my 10y/o would have something to keep himself occupied on our trip to CA. Donnaare any of the games accessible > > Hi I i’m just curious to know if the Apple arcade and the

Re: Question about EyeNote app

2020-09-09 Thread Donna Casteen
urrency has been identified, the amount will be spoken. Donna > >  > Hello, > > I have this app in my iPhone, but I don’t know how to use it. Would anyone > please explain? > > Thanks , > > Rena > -- > The following information is important for all

Re: Puzzling Apple Music Question

2020-09-02 Thread Donna Casteen
rary. This sort of thing also happens in the app store, developers remove their apps from certain country's app stores, possibly leaving the app in other countries app store. Donna > > Hi, > This afternoon I tried to play an album that I’ve had in my Apple Music > library for a long

Re: Forwarding an Audio Message

2020-08-22 Thread Donna Casteen
The voice message can only be forwarded to someone who has an iPhone. Donna > > Hello all, > > I've heard there's a way to forward a voice message that is sent via I > message. > > For some reason, I can't seem to get it to work. > > Has anyone had any

Re: Petition · Apple: Apple, commit to never again willfully excluding disabled people from public betas ·

2020-08-17 Thread Donna Casteen
t exclude >> blind people >> from participating in the public beta because of such a serious and known >> VoiceOver bug. I myself do find a lot of petitions are frivolous and over >> the top, >> but I don't have a problem with this one myself. >> >> -- >>

Re: Petition · Apple: Apple, commit to never again willfully excluding disabled people from public betas ·

2020-08-16 Thread Donna Casteen
in the least. >> We should start a petition to remove the idiot who started this whole mess >> from >> the list so they don't clog our emails with their wining. >> Moderator remove this garbage thread please. >> It shows true stupidity. >> Where has the comprehension gone? >

Re: Pétition · Apple: Apple, commit to never again willfully excluding disabled people from public betas ·

2020-08-16 Thread Donna Casteen
I can't believe such a petition was started!!臘‍♀️ This petition was started because an Apple watch user went against Apple's WARNING to NEVER install beta versions of IOS on ANY Appple device that is YOUR main device! Of course, this person just HAD to have the beta update & installed the

Re: The Next Door app

2020-08-08 Thread Donna Casteen
Hi, Have you tried tapping on the sellers name?? It would read: Donna Casteen Sunnyside message from me would be next. This is how I send private messages. Donna > >  > hi all, > I am wondering if this is just me. When I am looking at things for sale in > the Next Doo

Re: Does anyone else lose voice over after they listen to a voicemail?

2020-08-08 Thread Donna Casteen
. Easier than closing & reopening the app. Donna > > Hi, > > Whenever I listen to a voicemail, voice-over cuts out for several seconds or > until I press the home button to exit the phone app altogether. Has anyone > else seen this behavior? > > I’m running 13.6

Re: Ending A Voice Mail message Question Please.

2020-08-06 Thread Donna Casteen
go back into voicemail to delete the message, using these steps is frustrating, but gets the task completed. Donna > >  > Hi Alan, > Thank you for this, I just tried that, but it didn’t work. There is no pause > button that shows up on the screen, so I pressed

Re: Messaging to Android phones?

2020-08-04 Thread Donna Casteen
as long as "Send as SMS" is turned on, in Settings, Messages, in her iPhone. If your student is using an iPod or iPad to send text messages to someone who has an android phone, a third party app, Facebook Messenger, Whats up, etc is needed. This is because iPods & iPads can't

Re: Can you create folders within the native mail app

2020-08-03 Thread Donna Casteen
once to Location & tap to open. Choose where you want the new folder. Tap Done in the upper right. Donna > > Ii tried this but when I tap on new mail box, there is no edit field. Just > the list of mail boxes. Do you need to be in the inbox, or just in the list > of mail boxes?

Re: myChart

2020-08-02 Thread Donna Casteen
be found on a copy of a summmary of a visit you receive following an appointment. Donna of > >  > Hi everyone. Is anyone out there using the MyChart app. If so, have you had > any difficulties with it? I’ve tried to sign in without success, so I deleted > the app completely and pl

Re: Facebook no longer listed on Seeing AI Share Sheet

2020-08-02 Thread Donna Casteen
update released for Seeing AI. Make sure you have the recent update, as of a few days ago installed. Donna > > When Seeing AI first came out, it was possible to save a photo from Facebook > to your camera roll, open and select the photo, and share it to Seeing AI to > get a description o

Re: I need help with the website please

2020-08-01 Thread Donna Casteen
. Donna > >  > > Sent from my iPhone > > Hello, > I can’t get onto a website, and it’s very important that I do so! It is the > Ihss Site, and I need to approve the time sheet for my provider. at the > bottom of the screen, or the things like back, forward, etc. but

Re: A Comment About Voice Dream Scanner

2020-07-30 Thread Donna Casteen
scan? Donna > > I just have to say that the voice dream scanner is the best one I have ever > used. I tried using a barcode reader to read a particular box and it would > not but the voice dream scanner did and this is not the first time. I like it > better than any scan

Re: Do not disturb

2020-07-29 Thread Donna Casteen
When Do Not Disturb is on, if someone in Favorite calls, their 1st call will be silenced, the 2nd call made to you before 3 minutes between calls, your phone will ring. Donna > > Hello everyone, I have a question, I have tried to put a friend of mine in > my favorites so that w

Re: The Alexa app

2020-07-26 Thread Donna Casteen
h what I set out to do. I don't know of any tutorials. If there is something specific you are needing help with, I will try to assist you. Donna > > Is anyone else having a terrible time with the Alexa app? I can usually get > what I need done after many frustrating failed att

Re: people you may know entries in facebook

2020-07-25 Thread Donna Casteen
down to Friends & tap to open 5. Swipe down past any unconfirmed or undeclined friend request. Below Friend Request is a list of People You May Know Hope this is helpful. Donna > >  > I frequently get these among my other posts by my friends. I can't figure > out how to look

Re: Accessible and Accurate Bird Song Identification App

2020-07-19 Thread Donna Casteen
I haven't used the Chirpomatic app in a year. I tried using the app on an iPhone 7. The recordings were very low in their volume, unless the bird was very close, like in a tree just above my head. I hope this has been fixed. Donna > > Debby, > > Thanks for your review of

Re: Radio stations on iTunes are they available in Canada

2020-07-08 Thread Donna Casteen
Chris, Thanks for correcting my goof. I definitely have selective hearing today. I reread her message twice & heard TuneIn both times. 路‍♀️ Donna > > My first thought was that this question was about TuneIn, but I think the > person was asking about iTunes. > > -- &g

Re: Radio stations on iTunes are they available in Canada

2020-07-08 Thread Donna Casteen
Hi Jen, Yes, TuneIn has stations in Canada. Not all radio stations from a specific city isn't on TuneIn. Donna > > Hi I was just reading a friend post who lives in the US and she said > something about radio stations being available on iTunes I am wondering if > this is the ca

Re: Experience of others with iOS 13.5 and native Mail app lost focus issue?

2020-05-21 Thread Donna Casteen
e middle of the email list, with the vertical scrollbar at the proper precentage corresponding to the email in focus. I'm using the native Apple mail appchecking my gmail & AT mail accounts. Donna > >  > Hi List, > > I'm still disappointed that the native Mail app loses f

Re: Covid and ios 13.5?

2020-05-21 Thread Donna Casteen
In settings, Privacy. Donna > > Hi all. > I looked in the health app but found nothing about Covid 19. Where do I find > this setting? > Thanks. > Jen > > > Sent from my iPhone > > -- > The following information is important for all members of the

Re: Texting from an iPad [was "RE: I just looked in the settings but I could not find it"]

2020-04-21 Thread Donna Casteen
ages this way all the time. Donna > > You have several options. > > If you have an iPhone then you can set it up so SMS text messages will be > forwarded to your iPad: > > You could also use a 3rd party app, like Google voice: >

Re: It was nice getting to know some of you

2020-04-18 Thread Donna Neff
I too very much enjoyed chatting with everyone. It was wonderful catching up and hearing everyone’s voices. Hope we can do it again next Thursday. Donna ❤️  Sent from my iPhone > On Apr 18, 2020, at 2:42 PM, M. Taylor wrote: > > Hi Gordon and Everyone, > >

Re: Calling All Fans of the Parker Brother's Monopoly Board Game

2020-04-16 Thread Donna Casteen
Marty is to self involved with his objective ed program apps. That he is now neglecting the blindfold games. It took 6 repeat emails to get a reply to a bug in a couple of the blindfold games. So kiss the kid friendly games goodbye. D > > Kid Friendly Software is Marty Schultz from Blindfold

Re: stimulus info

2020-04-14 Thread Donna Casteen
payment. All this information is outlined on the irs website above. Donna > >  > Hi All, > I am not on SSI but the people I know who are there SSI is direct deposited > in their bank accounts. So why would they have to fill out a form. I am > thinking this could be a scam as

Re: 7 little words

2020-04-14 Thread Donna Casteen
Hi Janet, Yes, 7 little words can be played on an android. You can also play the first daily puzzle at this link. The link to the google play store is near the bottom of the webpage. Donna > >  > does anybody know if 7 little words can be played on an android phon

Re: Interesting situation with Facebook, when joining a group

2019-12-11 Thread Donna
be able to find it. It is about mid way between the top of the group page & where the group post start. Donna > > Hello everyone, > > > recently, I have joined 2 new Facebook groups. I have discovered that > once I am approved to the groups, that I can not seem to post.

Re: use of 7 little words

2019-12-08 Thread Donna
Janet, yes you will still have access to the 5 daily puzzles each day. Not sure about any past daily puzzles that are over 3 days past release. Donna > > please can someone tell me if I unsubscribe from all access enabled in 7 > little words will I still be able to get the dail

Re: iMessage between my wife and I

2019-12-02 Thread Donna
Hi I suggest going to Settings, Messages & select your phone number & any email address that is NOT the shared iTunes log-in, leaving the iTunes log-in email unselected, to send & receive messages from your wife, friends & family. This should solve your problem. Donna

Re: Dexcom G6 App Accessible?

2019-12-01 Thread Donna
Hi, Yes, the Dexcom G6 app is accessible for use with voiceover. Donna > > Hello, > From what I have seen on the diabetic email lists I am on, yes the Dexcom app > is accessible. > > Greg Wocher > > >> On Nov 30, 2019, at 6:23 PM, karuna Chopra wrot

Re: unable to send text messages to several contacts

2019-11-28 Thread Donna
in the same message thread. Apparently, Apple doesn’t support multiple contact means within a single text message conversation thread. Donna > > happy Thanksgiving everyone. > > My brother is having problems with his iPhone six. He has the current > operating system. He ha

Re: Accessible app for your iPhone that will let you lock your screen and still be streaming content?

2019-11-23 Thread Donna
’t moved in IOS 13. This setting doesn’t work with all apps. Good luck. Donna > > OK, so I didn't think through the question. My solution works if you only > want the audio. > Assuming you want the screen to continue functioning, you are probably > looking at the parental controls

Re: Deleting messages from the facebook pages app

2019-11-22 Thread Donna
Ok, try this..Find your post, just past your name there is a Nore button, tap on More, a list of options will appear, one of which is delete post, tap delete & confirm that you want to delete the post. If this doesn’t work, Im at a loss. Donna > > have tried your method Donna but

Re: Deleting messages from the facebook pages app

2019-11-22 Thread Donna
Find your message, use 1 finger & double tap, a menu list will show up, one of the options in the list is delete post. This is how to remove a post using the facebook app. Donna > > Hi, > Can you delete messages from the Facebook pages app. How do you do this > since it

Re: Viewing posts in a facebook group

2019-11-21 Thread Donna
ame post, the interest in the post moves the post closer to the top. Try searching the group for post made on a certain day. This is helpful in that you are able to read the most recent post. The drawback, the way that the post are displayed is harder to follow. Donna > > Hi, > I

Re: Updated Voice Dream Reader not working

2019-11-20 Thread Donna
Hi, Are you just having trouble accessing personal files that you added to the VoiceDream app? Or are you having trouble opening books that were downloaded from the Bookshare website? Or both of the above. I’m not having any trouble accessing Bookshare books. Donna > > Hello Friends,

Re: question on emoji

2019-11-20 Thread Donna
emoji, only the emoji name will be spoken by voiceover, not character by character. Hope this helps. It is suppose to  early this morning, with ❄️ this afternoon & become very 略 &  tonight. Donna > > Hi all, > I too have the same query as Shirley. > Also, since t

Re: question on emoji

2019-11-19 Thread Donna
Hi The number announced beside each emoji, is the number of the emoji in the list, starting with the 1st emoji listed in the Frequently Used category. Donna > > Hi All, > When you go to the emoji keyboard on the iPhone when you are composing a text > message. As you go across t

Re: Annoying Facebook App Issue and a VoiceOver Question

2019-11-08 Thread Donna
book. Donna > > HI Tom, > > I have noticed this too. If you find the answer to this apart from this > list, would you please share? Thanks. > > -Original Message- > From: On Behalf Of Tom > Lange > Sent: Thursday, November 7

Re: Aggravating Issue with Messaging

2019-11-08 Thread Donna
Hi, When sending a message to your friend, start a new message thread using only her phone number & a new thread, in which you use only her email address. Not creating two different message threads can cause text messages to fail to send. Donna > > Start by deleting

Re: What's That Game Called?

2019-11-01 Thread Donna
oper. Choosing this will bring up a list of apps that the developer currently has in the app store. If the app you want is withoin the list, you get the app as you normally would. Donna > > Hi, Everyone. > A few years back there was an audio game put out by the same people > w

Re: Facebook question, again

2019-10-27 Thread Donna
I don’t setup photo folders on Facebook. I share photos to Facebook from my device. I don’t know anyone who saves photos to Facebook to share directly from Facebook. Maybe this is why your questionhasn’t been answered. Donna > > Hi, > Using the latest version of Facebook on iPhone

Re: Voicedream scanner questions

2019-10-10 Thread Donna
Hi What do I not like about the Voice Dream scanner app? Absolutely Nothing! I have tried other OCR apps, Voice, KNFB & Seeing AI, neither compares to the accuracy of the Voice Dream Scanner. Best $6.00 I have ever spent on an app. Donna > > Hello everyone, > > I was consid

Re: IOS 13.1.1 is out

2019-09-27 Thread Donna
My memory has been the best that it ever has been in the past 9 months. Now I can remember where I sat my strawberry dackery down.. Donna > > Hmmm my memory is still as good as it always has been. I worry more > about drunk driving but that's besides the point. These issues will be

Re: siri on lock screen

2019-09-27 Thread Donna
Have him turn off using seri on lock screen. Have him completely power off his phone. After he turns his phone back on, have him turn use seri on lock screen back on. Hopefully this will solve his problem. The above steps work for me when I am having a problem. Donna > > Hi all, > O

Re: a pill reminder app question

2019-09-25 Thread Donna
oing to drop the developer an email thanking him for making such an awesome app accessible for voiceover users. Donna > > Hi, Thank you. I am wondering if you have the free version or did you > purchase the app? If so, is there a big difference between that and the free > vers

Re: a pill reminder app question

2019-09-23 Thread Donna
minders + Timers by Yoctoville Donna the > > I am trying to set up a reminder to check blood pressure every day at a > certain time, but it won't work unless I name a medication, which I don't > want to do. >

Re: major facebook problem

2019-09-21 Thread Donna Donna Hey guys, >> >> So facebook wanted me to reset my password. I'm having a huge >> problem, cause i'm trying to do the account recovery. >> What i am trying to do is have facebook text me a code to my phone, >> but i am not getting the texts.

Re: Is there a talking camera for taking pictures of cards etc.

2019-09-20 Thread Donna
up about 12 inches, then take the photo. This technique I use both handds. I lift the phone with my right hand & tap the phone with my left hand to take the photo. Donna > > Hello James, > > It’s kind of a weird gesture to do when trying to take a picture but have you >

Re: major facebook problem

2019-09-20 Thread Donna
Is it possible that you changed phone numbers & forgot to update the change on facebook? It has been a while since I have changed my facebook password, I seem to recall that one could have the code sent to an e-mail address? Donna > > Hey guys, > > So facebook wanted me to r

Re: What 3words, The app that can save your life

2019-08-16 Thread Donna
her to leave her swing perch, to see if the 3 words would change if she were to go inside. Donna > > This makes no sense to me, if as they said Mongolia is adopting this system > for postal codes then how can this work if the words are changing. > > From:

Re: Seeing AI and Short Text Channel Inquiry

2019-08-03 Thread Donna
ead of seeing AI. Voicedream scanner ROCKS Seeing AI will be my backup app if needed. Donna > > Have all of you who do experience issues emailed Microsoft about it? They > can’t improve it if nobody tells them there seems to be a problem. > > From: viphone@googlegroups.c

Re: A cool app for watching tv news everywhere

2019-07-18 Thread Donna
Here y’all go..The link to newson in the US app store... NewsON - Local News Nationwide by NewsON Media, LLC Donna > > This does not come up in the Canadian app store, either, at least not under > "Newso

Re: Phone app badge showing one new item?

2019-07-16 Thread Donna
had an update recently. Im thinking that the problem is related to the update. One of the update features is when there is an incoming call the number is labeled as a spam calling numberif it has been reported as spam. Donna > > I am running iOS 12.3.1 on my iPhone XS. For the last

Re: Any Good Journaling or Diary Apps, Anyone?

2019-07-02 Thread Donna
app is suppose to be accessible with voiceover, stated in the app description. In settings within the app, there is a tutorial & an email to write the developer. He is enthusiastic to help this app be voiceover accessible. I suggest writing the developer. Maybe he can help. Donna &g

Re: Tunein radio

2019-06-22 Thread Donna
hear voiceover. If you are wanting to cancel your TuneIn subscription because the app didnt meet your expectations; Open the app store, tap on the Today tab in the bottom left, tap on my account at the top & you should find manage subscriptions here. Donna > > Ever since I have

Re: Any Good Journaling or Diary Apps, Anyone?

2019-06-22 Thread Donna
Here is a link to the personal diary that I use. The app is completely accessible using voiceover. Personal Diary (Journal) App by Eng Tat Lim Donna > > Hello All, > > I downloaded Mac Journal for iPad a f

Re: Phone Gets Very Warm

2019-06-21 Thread Donna
. Donna > I have an iPhone 8 that I have had for about 18 months.=C2=A0Over the las= > t couple of weeks I am noticing that the phone gets very warm as time goes = > on.=C2=A0 This seems to be especially noticable when running GPS apps, but = > even when using Whatsapp messenger.=C

Re: games to play

2019-06-20 Thread Donna
Game world, RS Games & Dice World has chat feature. Donna > > please can anybody suggest some games you can play on your iPhone online with > sighted people? hope there are some, Janet > -- > The following information is important for all members of the V iPhone list. &g

Re: having trouble entering in my pass code now that I switched to touch typing

2019-06-09 Thread Donna
Hi Have you tried using the rotor to change the typing mode? Donna > > Hi to all. I changed my voice over typing to touch typing instead of > the default method. Well, now I'm having loads of trouble entering in > my passcode correctly. I keep disabling my iPhone for fifteen >

Re: Orbit Reader 20 update, changes for iOs?

2019-06-03 Thread Donna
If the R20 list was the list started by APH, No. This list closed a month or so ago. When APH decided not to sell the orbit reader. Donna > > Hi, > the old list has closed. A new list has started I can’t remember the > subscription details, but the list owner’s address is > Gro

Re: Seeing AI App Question Please.

2019-05-30 Thread Donna
Janet, is Manage Lighting turned on? This can be found in Menu within the app? With this on the app uses the flashlight on the iDevice if more light is required. This is the only thing that hasn’t been mentioned. & the only thing that comes to mind. Donna > > Hi Richard, > R

Re: does anyone know how?

2019-05-15 Thread Donna
rom the lock screen..I don’t know a fix for that annoyance for you. Donna > > in iOS 11 this could be disabled. In iOS 12 it seems not. > > > I don't understand Sieghard's clai

Re: Spelling and vocabulary teaching app?

2019-05-05 Thread Donna
a fuddy duddy for suggesting that a dictionary be used in place of a electronic device. Donna Donna > > The one I had to use 40+ something years ago was called Mom and Dad and also > sometimes Oma and Opa which is german for Grandma and Grandpa... sorry, > couldn't resist. > >

Re: Something interesting about direct tv app

2019-04-27 Thread Donna
I have had Direct Tv for 4+ years. The Direct Tv app has always been accessible. Sure the app has had some minor quirks, but there has been work arounds. Donna > > Hi Gordon, please can you explain a little bit more about direct tv and where > you can get it as I have never heard of

Re: counting my steps

2019-04-26 Thread Donna
Have you considered a fitbit or apple watch?? These 2 devices do what you want. Donna > > I'm looking for a pocketable wearable or stick on your wrist type of thing > that will count my steps. If it interfaces with the iPhone so much the > better. > > -- > The

Re: pedometer

2019-04-25 Thread Donna
I like & use pedometer++ Donna > > Which is a good one to get? > > > If all I have left in this > world is

Re: is there a way in the mail app to empty the junk mail box all at once?

2019-02-23 Thread Donna
Hi Yes. Open the mail app to the Junk folder. In the upper right you will find a button labeled Edit, tap on this. In the lower left there you will find a button labeled Delete All, tap on this. Wala..all emails are now in the Trash folder. Donna > > When you say junk box mig

Re: Diabetic app question

2019-02-19 Thread Donna
hime in. Donna > > Hi Kathy, > This is referring I believe to the freestyle libre sensor. For Dora outlier > did a couple of podcasts. Generally, when your doctor prescribes it, they > prescribe the reader, which is useless to blind people, and the sensors. So > what we need is


2019-02-18 Thread Donna
Hi All, Is there a way to create custom folders for saved websites? I want to group some saved bookmarks & Favorites in a seperate folders for easier access. Thanks in advance. Donna -- The following information is important for all members of the V iPhone list. If you have any quest

Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: Newly dead iPhone 8. What are the best next steps?

2019-02-17 Thread Donna
tops charging & no error message is given, like with some failing charging cables the error message “This product is not supported” will appear. Donna > > thanks, Donna. A new charging cable did the trick. I would not have thought > of that without your suggestion. You saved the

Re: Newly dead iPhone 8. What are the best next steps?

2019-02-16 Thread Donna
I would suggest trying a different charging cable. Let the phone charge for 20-30 minutes before checking to see if it is charging. If this doesn’t work, then I suggest taking the phone somewhere where a diagnostic testing can be preformed. Donna > > take it to an apple

Re: Facebook

2019-02-12 Thread Donna
position in my comment. Strange that this behavior doesn’t occur when posting on my newsfeed. Can’t expect much more from Facebook. They fix one annoying or accessibility bug, just to create a couple more. Donna > > For some reason when I am typing in Facebook names from my contact

Re: An Aira Update

2019-01-28 Thread Donna
inty, you can’t please everyone at once. So it is best if you don’t have something productive to add, it is best to be quiet. Donna > > That's a great point, with the many listers, information is welcome since it > could be the first of hearing about that new service, app a

Re: Alexa iphone App

2019-01-03 Thread Donna
Hi Here is the link to the Amazon Alexa app in the US app store. Amazon Alexa by AMZN Mobile LLC Donna > > Hello again everyone, > > > > I was wondering, how would I go about finding the Amazon Alexa App, for

Re: Weird issue when phone is locked

2019-01-01 Thread Donna
Go to Settings, Display & Brightness & turn off Raise To Wake. Donna > > I thought that feature could be turned off. Can't remember what it's called > wake on lift or something. > > - Original Message - > From: "Terri Stimmel" > To: &g

Re: My 2018 Top Favorite Apps for iOS

2018-12-22 Thread Donna
Only the header was in spanish. The body of the e-mail was in english. Donna > > For me as well. I read it on the PC using Outlook. I wonder if it was Spanish > on the iPhone only? > Terrie > > From: On Behalf Of Mama > Peach > Sent: Satur

Re: My 2018 Top Favorite Apps for iOS

2018-12-21 Thread Donna
Here are my favorite apps of 2018... 1. Seeing AI 2. Bard Mobile 3. Voicedream 4. TuneIn Radio 5. YouTube 6. Facebook 7. 7 Little Words 8. CamFind 9. Word Ladder 10. Safari Donna > > This should be fun. Here we go, and this is in no particular order. Number > one dice world, Number

Re: How to access Developer Response of Apps Store reviews?

2018-12-02 Thread Donna
Hi, If the developer leaves a reply to a commentfor any app voiceover will read the reply without having to tap on a button. If no reply is left, voiceover will just say developer reply. Donna > > As best as I've been able to figure out, that button isn't actually active > unle

Re: Could have to do with, like I discovered on my iPhone, every time I turned it on, I happened when David discovered that, though I do not have auto brightness on, it always makes the brightness 75%

2018-12-02 Thread Donna
or a book, do you have the app set to run when the screen is locked? I recently discovered that using the music & Bard with the screen locked uses a Lot less battery. These are the things that immediately come to mind. Donna > > > >> Dec 1, 2018, at 7:57 PM, Ri

Re: Help needed scanning iTunes gift card to my account

2018-11-26 Thread Donna
if you will be prompted when the code has been processed. Donna > > Hi List, > > I purchased one of those iTunes gift cards from Amazon over the Black Friday > weekend to get the 20% discount. I know I've seen many posts here in the past > about scanning an iTunes gift car

Re: Changing an old Apple id.

2018-11-24 Thread Donna
just type in their answer. If the questions are answered correctly, you will be prompted to enter a new password & confirm the new password. Donna > > Hi, > Ok, I signed out, and I signed back in, and that was successful. I’m still > getting the exact same message though

Re: facebook

2018-11-24 Thread Donna
Hi The share with “friends” is a button. If you tap on it a drop down menu will appear. Here you can choose to who to share the post with. I have also seen where one has to choose with whom to share the post with before opening the edit field & writing a post. Donna > R >

Re: a question about favorite radio apps

2018-11-22 Thread Donna
This isn’t true. I live in the U.S & all of my local radio stations are in TuneIn. I also have several stations saved from other states saved that I frequently travel too. I have Pandora & Iheart but prefer to listen to TuneIn. Donna > > Truth is, TuneIN is one of those ones t

Re: Orbit Reader List

2018-11-18 Thread Donna
I’m just lurking & reading. After we are settled & life isn’t crazy I’ll try sorting out the yahoo email problem. Donna > > Hi Donna, > I know you subscribed with your iCloud address but what happens if you send > an email to > >> O

Re: Orbit Reader List

2018-11-16 Thread Donna
.org & received a confirmation email within a couple minutes. So the problem is with the Yahoo server. This isn’t a new problem with the Yahoo server. There has been other times that this same problem has occurred when trying to subscribe to other email lists. Donna > > hi, I was abl

Re: Orbit Reader List

2018-11-16 Thread Donna
I just confirmed that not being able to the orbit reader 20 email list is a yahoo server problem. I just subscribed with my iCloud email address & received a confirmation email in a few minutes. Donna > > Well..Problem solved! For those who are trying to join the orbit reader 20 &g

Re: Orbit Reader List

2018-11-16 Thread Donna
Well..Problem solved! For those who are trying to join the orbit reader 20 email list..It is most definitly a server problem. Myself & others who have been unsuccessful in subscribing use Yahoo as our mail server. Donna > > Hi Everyone, > We have tried several times to get on

Re: here is the response I got from APH in regard to problems assistant subscribing to the email list

2018-11-09 Thread Donna
Sooo, does anyone know how to solve the subscribing to the APH Orbet Reader mailing list from my end??? Donna > > Hi: > This is a somewhat common problem. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do > on this end. If we look at the subscription list, the person shows up, but we &

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