[zones-discuss] Zone Backups and NetBackup

2006-08-16 Thread Phil Freund
If you are going to backup a zone using the NetBackup client from within the zone and you want to get all the filesystems automatically, you have to do the following NetBackup policy setup: In the NetBackup policy: 1. Enable the Follow NFS option 2. Enable the Cross mount points option 3.

[zones-discuss] Upgrading Solaris 10 with configured zones

2006-09-04 Thread Phil Freund
I have hit a problem with zones in relation to doing Solaris upgrades - I can’t do them currently. I have expended considerable effort in trying to be positioned to do upgrades but they do not work for me as currently implemented. I’ll provide a summary of my situation and then make suggestions

[zones-discuss] Re: Upgrading Solaris 10 with configured zones

2006-09-26 Thread Phil Freund
Thanks. I tried that and it will show all the mappings except for the LUNs added dynamically after the last reboot. Those do show up once you do a reboot. (I'm not sure if a reconfiguration reboot is required though.) I was told by Sun Support to try luxadm display /dev/rdsk/cxtxd0s2

[zones-discuss] Re: Can SAMBA be run in a non-global zone?

2006-10-19 Thread Phil Freund
The blastwave.org Samba distribution doesn't have this issue: its shutdown (/etc/init.d/cswsamba stop) uses the pid IDs for smbd, nmbd, and winbindd stored in /opt/csw/var/locks/. A quick FYI on using the blastwave distribution: If you are using sparse zones and need to run Samba with winbind,

[zones-discuss] Re: 3 questions about zones and containers

2006-10-27 Thread Phil Freund
You can also remove a LOFS mounted filesystem from a running zone with no problem. I do it all the time. To do it, logon to the global zone and umount the filesystem with: umount mount point in the non-global zone Phil This message posted from opensolaris.org

[zones-discuss] Re: Zones and Resource Pools

2007-01-18 Thread Phil Freund
Thanks for the info. It's kind of what I expected but not what I wanted to hear. Just out of curiosity, are any of these things visible in SMC Container Manager? I keep meaning to find time to try that to see what it would provide but time ... I think that it's getting critical to be able to

[zones-discuss] Patching problem with whole root zones

2007-03-06 Thread Phil Freund
When is it necessary to patch whole root zones directly? I was trying to make sure that I had all of my zones ready to be updated with DST patch 122034-04 so I made sure to install patch utilities patch 119254-34 on all of the global zones. I never thought to install it on the whole root zones

[zones-discuss] Re: Re: Patching problem with whole root zones

2007-03-09 Thread Phil Freund
This week has been a scramble for me as well - DST patches. All of these patches except 119254-34 were applied in single-user. 119254-34 was applied with all zones booted. Phil This message posted from opensolaris.org ___ zones-discuss mailing

[zones-discuss] Re: Re: Re: Patching problem with whole root zones

2007-03-13 Thread Phil Freund
Enda, I'll get an explorer for you and send it on Thursday - I've just been eaten alive with DST preparation/implementation and subsequent NetBackup issues. I'll send you patchadd logs if you tell me where they are stored. I did all of the patchadds from single-user on the console so if they

[zones-discuss] Re: Re: Re: Re: Patching problem with whole root zones

2007-03-14 Thread Phil Freund
Enda, All of the zones were booted to milestone all when 119254-34 was applied. Since the patch didn't require a reboot, I did it with all zones and global fully operational. Phil This message posted from opensolaris.org ___ zones-discuss mailing

[zones-discuss] Re: zones databases

2007-03-22 Thread Phil Freund
Just a reminder that QuickIO is only supported in a global zone. It uses a special device that can't be created in a non-global zone. It should be a fairly moot issue anyway since QuickIO is only useful for Oracle 8i and lower releases, none of which are still supported. QuickIO is still

[zones-discuss] Re: Zones and Veritas Volume Manager... easy

2007-06-06 Thread Phil Freund
Hi Gael, I went through thinking about this situation almost a year ago and came to the conclusion that the zone root filesystems have to be UFS so they can be upgraded. I have turned on MPxIO to give me multipathing support for the zone roots which are all setup on separate SAN LUNs. I can

[zones-discuss] zonestat 1.4.1 problem

2009-06-10 Thread Phil Freund
I have a couple of servers that are still running U1 but I'd still like to use zonestat to get as much info as I can. I get the following output when I run zonestat 1.4.1 with debug turned on: root zonestat -l -N /usr/sbin/prtconf /bin/pagesize /bin/echo 'pages_pp_maximum/D;segspt_minfree/D' |

Re: [zones-discuss] zonestat 1.4.1 problem

2009-06-11 Thread Phil Freund
Jeff, Those lines were already commented out. It looks like the problem is in these lines: 500 # Get amount and cap of memory locked by processes in each zone. 501 $kstat-update(); 502 my $zh = $kstat-{caps}; 503 foreach my $z (keys(%$zh)) { 504($lkd_use[$z], $lkd_cap[$z]) =