On 02/09/2009 10:20 AM, David L. Ross wrote:
> John Doue wrote:

>> As Hana suggests, a short list would be interesting since I
>> actually find that SM 1.1.13 very seldom lets me down in this
>> respect.
>> I actually fear that new SM versions, by integrating some code,
>> will actually make more difficult accessing a number of sites which
>> it will deem  "unsafe" or some other qualificative. We already
>> experienced this with version 1.1.14.
> Here's one I just hit. Visit >www.apple.com/support/> SM will not let
> me enter text into the search field. The one on the left. FF will.
> Been this way for a few weeks.
> There are others I just haven't been keeping a list. I really like SM
> for it's integration, IMAP, and the ability to adjust the browser via
> the tools menu for cookies and such but the staff at the businesses I
> support are getting restless.
> David

That site: http://www.apple.com/support/

1.1.14: Search Support bar doesn't work - Search (upper right does)
1.1.15pre: Search Support bar doesn't work - Search (upper right does)
2.0a3pre: Search Support bar works fine
Fx 3.0.5: Search Support bar works fine

Doesn't appear to be browser sniffing, as when I spoof 1.1.14/15pre as
Fx it still doesn't work. Plus, if you turn off styles (View|Use
Style|None) you then can enter information in Search Support. So, it
looks like a style issue. File a bug report please.

Hint: as a temp workaround, turn of default style, enter your search,
then turn default style back on to view the page normally. Also,
thereafter you can then use Search Support from that page & it will work.

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