Sir -  why would you change the subject of my request, which I have
proven is legitimate, to "OT:"?

I'm sorry your solutions don't work.  Your logic "If I can't help him,
then I don't want anyone else to" is so counter to the spirit of this
forum, and this program, that I can't begin to understand it.
Everyone of my posts to this thread has been respectfully written, and
100% on-Topic.

  I admit that you have me at a disadvantage as I don't know how to
change it back, so I guess you "beat me", insuring that I will not get
serious consideration for my request. Honestly, I hope that makes your
day.  God Bless You.


It is Grant's response that he considered OT, and was done to warn those viewing the thread that his reply is not offering support on the topic. I consider this to be the case with mine, so I have done the same. It would have been better for you to reply to him in his original OT reply. That way the sub thread would have been moved to mozilla.general, the appropriate place for off topic discussions, rather then muddying your original thread. I have also set followups to this post to mozilla.general.

You don't need to do anything to change it back. Only reply to the OT posts if you want to pursue the OT sub thread in mozilla.general. Otherwise, simply reply to the last post that you think has offered you any help.

I am afraid I am a loss to help you as well. I generally both view and compose in plain text, so I may not be the best tester for this issue. However, in the testing I have done with html posting and reading, all seems to be working fine. Since I really prefer not to work in html in mail, there may be issues here that my more limited testing is not showing.

followup set to mozilla.general

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