Hi Ray-net - actually a good Email, as you confirmed my issue -
Thanks.  However, your conclusions are incorrect...

"if you don't use any html gadget when composing your mail... the mail
is sent in plain text."

I absolutely agree - thanks!

"In this case, there is no need of a conversion, because there is
nothing to convert. SM1.1.14 is working perfectly"

I absolutely disagree.  This is not a true statement at all.

To prove it, do a message in html (text only, like you did before),
but make the sentences long,  and put in several paragraph breaks, and
maybe a couple of numbered lists.  Use <CR> only to end a paragraph (2
of them), and to end a list item.  Then send it and see what it looks
like after SM does it's conversion.  Many of the <CR><CR> will be
converted to <CR>, removing the blank line between paragraphs. And
sometimes a line will get a <CR> inserted randomly.

You CANNOT see this with a short message, but boy does SM mess up the
long ones.

thanks for your interest.
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