I don't designate domains as "text" or "HTML" at all.  and my #3
setting is HTML only.  Yet, if I type a 1-line message (no signature,
etc), and send it, even to myself, it appears in the sent folder, and
(if i'm the recipient) in my inbox, only as plain text.  No one has
said that they do this and then upon Viewing Page Source, see type

1. as you have
1a - as you have
2 I know nothing about what happens when posting to Newsgroups.  My
issue concerns Email
3 mine is "HTML ONLY"
4 me neither
5 me neither

On Mar 27, 10:51 am, Ray_Net <tbrraymond.schmit...@tbrscarlet.be>
> googl...@kwcpa.com wrote:
> > I haven't tried SM2 - still using SM1 - this was a request for SM2
> Therefore i didi not understand that you have the problem.
> I am in SM 1.1.14 without experienced the problem.
> 1. I have: Compose messages in HTML for my mail account.
> 1. a. And when in mail: The Option - Format is by default: Auto-Detect
> 2. I did not have: Compose messages in HTML for this newsgroup account.
> 3. For mail & newsgroup preference my setting is : "Ask me what to do"
> 4. I did not test with a sending list...
> 5. I don't have positionned a recipient who need "only in plaintextmode".
> That's all my setting regarding your problem "Auto conversion(bad) in
> plaintext"
> - Perhaps your problem appear because you have the point 5.(with such a
> recipient) together or not together with point 4.(sending to a list)

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