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YOU: what developers? No developers have been here to say anything
about this.
ME: Developer input from earlier in this thread...
The forum thread points to bug 157346 which has been resolved as a
duplicate of bug 136502. Comment 8 there states that you can achieve
what you want on a per-domain basis so there's a partial workaround.
real fix needs someone to step up and write a patch for that bug,
though. I think the best way to do it would be to just introduce a
and handle any UI changes in follow-up bugs.

Thanks very much everyone. Again to the developers, a flag to shut
off auto-conversion to plain text would be very much appreciated. 8-}

If your problem of the auto-conversion to plain text appear only with
SM 2 ...I will stay the rest of my live with SM 1.1.x ... because
...most of the time ... some bugs/new-feature-suggestion are never

Let us please remember that SeaMonkey 2 is yet an alpha. It has a ways to go, but it is going to be a great step forward, and has to be the way of the future for the suite approach.

AS I said earlier, I am not noticing the problem, but I am usually on plain text for both composing and reading.

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