As for the uploader
Willful blindness can not protect you if it can be shown that you had a reasonable 
suspicion to believe they you are committing a crime.  In fact in some cases a 
deliberate attempt to not obtain knowledge is proof of that knowledge.

As for the downloader
While true, the mere act of downloading contraband will probably not land you in jail 
by itself.  It is however most likely sufficient evidence to obtain a warrant and if 
you really are downloading kiddy porn you will end up in jail.

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miguel wrote:

> Just wondering... with all this encryption permeating Freenet 
> there remains a gaping hole through which the nazi's could saunter through
> with their spy tools and legal bypasses to incriminate any and all Freenetters
> they choose to incriminate...  the ip address/port# of all.  Even using a third party
> dns service wouldn't help.  Maybe not this day, but in light of current trends in
> government policies, in the not-too-distant future they will be slipping in and 
> snagging
> whomever they choose by the ip address and will thus render useless all Freenet 
> anonymity measures.
> Is there not a way to spoof the ip addresses, or mask the ip addresses so that our 
> uncles 
> and big brothers can't come in and bring down the house(s)?  

But the IP where a request originates and the IP of the machine
where a requested file is stored *are* masked by the proxying

Assume I'm the Gestapo and I'm running one or several freenet
nodes and logging everything that goes on. I see a request
coming from your IP. I can't figure what is being requested,
because the key is encrypted. I can't figure who requested it,
because your machine might be - and probably is - proxying
the request for some other node. Unless the requested file is
served from my own node, all I can do is pass on the request
to yet another node and I'll never know which node or nodes
finally served the file.

Now, if I'm not the Gestapo but something much worse, like, say,
Homeland Security, I could monitor the traffic of my peers in
order to discover their peers and then monitor their traffic
too until I have a good picture of the entire network. Traffic
analysis might help me figure who made a request and who served
it, but I still have to break encryption before I can figure
which file that request concerned.

Being the almighty Homeland Security, I do break the encryption.
Fine, now I know that X requested kiddie porn and Y served it.
However, I can't get anyone prosecuted for this. Y is going to
deny - quite truthfully - that he knew that he was serving
kiddie porn, X is going to claim that he just clicked on a
link not knowing what it was and was appalled to find out,
and I will have disclosed that I have broken freenet. That
last part is the worst, because then all the leftists, the
anti-globalists, the anti-war pack and other such terrorists
will know to not use freenet any more. Of course, the same
will happen if I get freenet forbidden: then the entire world
will keep using it, except my local gulag population, which
is the easiest one for me to monitor. Thus, I have to let
freenet live and let the kiddie porn pass and concentrate on
finding out who inserts subversive propaganda against our
Beloved Leader.

Or something like that. The real and ever-present danger
against freenet is not in your IP being shown to your peers.
It is in (a) the integrity of its developers and (b) in the
security of the software archive. If the latter ever gets
compromised, we might all end up running a piece of Big
Broher-owned spyware called "freenet".


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