Marco Thorek stated:
>So, it seems that besides what Edward said about people buying their
>status to get an easy start, others also lose all rationalism over the
>game. The game becomes more important than life itself. In those
>people's minds buying anything, for whatever amount, that brings the
>character forward may be justified.

What about games that actually intrude on real life?  I remember
reading a description of an upcoming MMRTS that said the game (or
rather, your soldiers and citizens) could e-mail and/or page you if,
for instance, you were unexpectedly attacked.  This was a few years ago
and I can't remember the name of it!  Anybody know?  I believe the
setting of each game was a fictional planet with technology somewhere
in the vicinity of WWII to present, but I may be wrong.

Lee K. Seitz

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