A Quick description, I hope it helps


TiddlerA has a title or field name

To set a constant you need to define a "variable" using the value of the 
tiddler title or field, however when you use any reference to the title or 
field it will be a string that refers to the field not the current value of 
the field. As a result it gets wikified in context and may refer to another 
tiddlers title or field depending on where it is used.

I have used two variable names and wikify to partially solve this. Quite 
cumbersome and it took time to find this solution. The ability to use the 
constant still seems limited.

\define currentobjectsrc() 
<$wikify name="currentobject" text=<<currentobjectsrc>>>

I can now use the value in subtiddlers using <<currentobject>> but only 
where this is valid. It retains its value (in this case "the text 
"TiddlerA" in all subtiddlers, Can I use nested {{{}}} or something to make 
this work in macros and filters ? I am still trying to learn the different 
ways in the different widgets macros, template tiddler etc... Actually I 
know the answer to this it is documented at tiddlywiki.com however it is 
very contextual.

Perhaps there is a specific use of $set that is available to me, but I have 
not found it yet. It would be great if I could use a simple command like
<$set Constant=constantname value=((!!title}}>

Such the constantname now contains "TiddlerA" and can be accessed by 
various and consistent means in all subTiddlers (those called/Transcluded) 
by TiddlerA

To be clear I want to use {{!!title}} not {{TiddlerA!!title}} because I do 
not want to hard code "TiddlerA" into the TiddlerA tiddler because when 
cloned or copied it will have a new name or a different value in a field.

I have found many of the documented syntax or examples refer to "somename" 
rather than a name derived from a field, that does not change with tiddler 
or context.

I will try and publish into on my project soon, and perhaps there are other 
ways do achieve what I am doing. 

I am now in the process of memorising a "dozen" "substitution rules" to 
understand this.

Thanks For the help.


On Friday, August 11, 2017 at 5:11:35 AM UTC+10, Danielo Rodríguez wrote:
> I'm still not understand why the set widget does not work for you. It sets 
> a variable with certain name and that variable is accessible to all it's 
> children . How is your requirement different ?

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