Hi Tony,

Just a thougt on your search for (pseudo?) CONSTANTs: The most simple way 
would be to put the constant value in a tiddler of it’s own. If you wand to 
hide your constants, use a prefix starting with $: e.g. 
$:/constants/constant-name. This way, the value can be transcluded from 
anywhere (not sure how this relates to your term of sub-tiddlers):


Have you allready considered this?

(As Jeremy says: Everything is a tiddler.)

All the best!

PS: For the documentation aspect I would recommend to use separate existing 
threads like this one 

> Provide tools to create "constants" within a given tiddler and any 
> sub-tiddlers (transcluded, called, macros etc...)
> I have finaly learned I can do this using the below

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