Thanks Josiah for your considered response.

I will respond at greater length later (as it's bed time in Sydney) but thought 
I would say a free things. Tiddlywiki is powerful because of its structure and 
it's interrelated qualities and none should be lost. When I suggested these 
features be put into the core I should have elaborated. They need to be in the 
standard, at the top of the documentation. I have no doubt some smart coding 
can use existing structures to achieve what I ask and perhaps some plugins 
until then. I am as yet not knowledgeable enough to do this but I will be one 

The ability to easily set reliable values from existing tiddler info text, tags 
and fields that is available in all related tiddlers with simple and 
deterministic ways (for somewhat novice users) is essential, along with a 
simple way to programmatically manage field values in the current tiddler is 
needed as well. 

There is a caviate to this which will be in another reply from me tonight.

The problem I see is a gap in the early or middle ground and in ease of 
cognition without deep knowledge. My ability to understand this will fade as my 
expertise and expierence overcome the barriers I am facing. Something that is 
only possible because of a great community.

Thanks again

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