The MX80 has 4x10g only downside is convergence time can be a little slow. They 
also come stock with 20x1g and expansion available. They will hold a full table 
if needed though I never put ipvpn on them. If you beat juniper up enough you 
should get 80-85% off list. That makes them very affordable.


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On 6 Mar 2018, at 15:04, Paul Bone 
<<>> wrote:

Hi All,

We are in need of a couple of 10G PE Routers and as a small provider cost is 
always a factor for us unfortunately!

We need 4*10G Ports, multiple 1G SFP ports, IPv4 and IPv6 L3VPN, L2VPN etc…..we 
do not need any HQOS features on these devices.

We use a fair few Cisco ME3600 but these only have 2*10G and are discontinued 
so at the moment, the CISCO ASR920 is looking the most cost effective solution 
but we are interested if anyone else has any ideas? We have Juniper MX in the 
network as well, which we like, but I don’t think there is a Juniper option as 
cost effective as the ASR920.

Mikrotik CCR is out due to lack of IPv6 L3VPN and lack of isolation between 
IPv4 vrf interfaces.

Many thanks


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