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> In this day and age when providers are selling 1Gbps on 10G ports for sub 
> $400 a month (I am looking at you Cogent and HE.NET) , having an economical 
> PE that can aggregate multiple customers and not cost $20k seems like a great 
> option to me. The problem with a $20k PE is that support on it will be at 
> least $1k per year too!

General rule of thumb: router ports are expensive, switch ports are
cheap. If you have lots of customers with a "less than line rate"
service do not land them on a router. Land them on a cheap switch and
aggregate them up to a router. That was just an example, we don’t land
any customers on a router, because the ports are so much more
expensive. We have 1G and 10G access layer switches (or layer 1
extensions) with 40G up-links to PEs.

There are various design questions that would need to be fleshed out
before an appropriate choice can be made with regards to making that
jump to 10G ports. Do you customers want 10G ports because they have
1.1Gbps of traffic or 8Gbps of traffic? 1G is cheap as chips so you
can of course start to LAG customers. You need to evaluate your
traffic profiles (oversubscription and contention) and work out if you
oversubscribe your access layer connectivity. Do you need routers with
10G everywhere or just in some PoP and you backhaul from other PoPs to
where you have a 10G capable router? Many questions need to be
answered first which is taking this thread quite off topic (sorry


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