No!  Those magnets are not suitable. The ferrite needs to  have labile 
molecular orbitals that will allow changes between ferromagnetic and random 

The interaction between phonons and magnons can be controlled by external 

From: MJ <>
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Subject: Re: [Vo]:DESCRIBING THE MANELAS Phenomenon

    Would it be the same if I glue together side-by-side nine squared magnets 
but reversing the one at the center?

    Mark Jordan

On 22-Feb-17 17:40, Brian Ahern wrote:

Imagine placing 4 - 50 cent coins at each corner. Then place one  in the center.

Starting with an annealed billet one can impress these fields with a cylinder 
of NdFeB magnet.  You just reverse the polarity for the center.

This process is called 'conditioning'.  That is the condition for the billet 
that worked for two years.

Another salient feature.   The Manelas device was powering batteries for his 
house. He had 48 lithium ion batteries  accepting pulses from his unit. On a 
Sunday morning in April 2012 he called me to say his battery pack spontaneously 
over charged and several of the batteries 'pillowed'.

It happend between midnight and 6 AM. I visited him that day and confirmed that 
all the batteries were overcharged.

I observed the same charging effect in July 2014 with the Manelas my 
home lab.

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You previously said that the strontium ferrite block was 4" x 6" x 1".  Can you 
explain how the 3 coils are wound to produce a "north pole" at each of the 4 
corners with a common center south pole in the center?  Are 2 of the coils 
wrapped around the block like wrapping a box with ribbon in a plus?  Then is 
the third coil wrapped around the 1" wide circumference?

A diagram would be great.


On Wed, Feb 22, 2017 at 1:08 PM, Brian Ahern 
<<>> wrote:

I have the original billet and all three axises are wound with the suggested 
length of wire (170 feet).

I welcome any suggestions and directions.

I am not skilled with AC circuits, but I have significant experience with high 
voltage pulsed systems.

I will take it to my grave that the Manelas system worked and that we were not 
fooled. I just do not know how to proceed

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