On 12-01-14 06:59 PM, Wolf Fischer wrote:
Hi there,

Rossi was just on the Smart Scarecrow Show. There were some new information / clarification
4. Price of the Home Ecat is down to 500$
5. Ecat is thought for heating the home, not for heating the water for showering etc. 6. Refueling the Ecat is done by replacing a cartridge. This cartridge will cost around 10$ and will then be sent back to a factory where it will be recycled.

These prices are just plain silly.

He's going to manufacture furnaces for the home for $500 each.

Sure he is, like I really believe that...

The heat-generating mechanism in this thing is certainly at least as complex (and expensive to manufacture) as a simple gas burner (which is just a few parallel pipes with holes drilled in them). So, the eCat home furnace should be at least as expensive as a natural gas fired furnace.

And you sure can't buy a gas furnace for $500, any more than you can buy a replacement printer cartridge for $10.

(Maybe he's using some funny kind of dollars for his price quotes?)

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