Hi Or Botton,

hmm I should install an IRC, or maybe you can give me hints where to see 
better stuff in SL.
I like to be surprized.

Sorry if I did such a flame, but its a reaction of all the hype SL 



On Tue, 9 Jan 2007, Or Botton wrote:

> I have to chip in into this one - Its true that most of the
> structures you've encountered may look pretty bad, but you have to
> remember that this is mostly because the creators of said buildings
> tend to be inexperienced users.
> The idea behind SL's live building system is to leverage creation to
> the point where any user who wishs to try it - professional or not -
> can build something without having to go through a long period of
> study. This does cause alot of low-quality and bad looking structures
> to populate the landscape, but its not because the engine cannot do
> any better.
> Feel free to look me up on the IRC channel and i'll show you around
> SL - some of the buildings built by the more professional artists may
> surprise you.

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