But surely this is why they've released the source of the client side.
This is the side that does the rendering and content display. I've
seen wonders done to shabby content by an overhauled graphics engine.
(Anarchy Online)

On 1/9/07, swe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> yup, I agree, I downloaded SL cause everyone was telling me of
> 'dead-end' vrml tech, so I wanted to check the hype:
> I was very surprized that they even have no shadows, which I thought they
> would have.
> Textures look often shabby, most of their 'houses' look like boxes, their
> 'trees' flow in the sky, not on ground.
> I guessed lots of people there, but so far I found round 20 in the start
> place, which cybertown had in better times too.
> As people wrote on VRML/X3D -list, the client in open source is only the
> useless part when you have a server-client system.
> Well,
> I still hope VOS will make a vrml2vos convertor some time...
> CU
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