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> So! A lot of the third world is going to be enrolled in growing crops that 
> can not be used for getting seeds to the next season. (GMO) Next year new 
> seeds have to be bought while the crop will be delivered to the 
> seedcompanies. Instead of growing the food needed in their surrounding 
> population they (and the rest of the population) have to buy what they need 
> through importing other foodstuffs. All these operations give the 
> corporations more income and no one else. Sounds like economic slavery, 
> right? If you buy the sceem!
> Claes
> §( :8-)

When the Pilgrims landed on the shores of America it was a third world 
country by today's standards. They had access to the same natural resources 
that the Indians did. But what they did with them eventually produced the US 
of today. Now I will admit that a large portion of the world sees that as a 
bad thing. But a larger portion of that world would like to be a part of this 
country. Africa has many natural resources. At one time the Zulu were one of 
the most forward thinking cultures in the world. What Africa needs is a 
leader to unite it's people and get them to work together for what is best 
for Africa. ALL of Africa. That is the strength of America. Many different 
people with many different ways of seeing things. But united at the core for 
the good of the country as a WHOLE. janice

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