Am 16.09.2016 um 19:41 schrieb Denny Vrandečić:
> Yes, there should be some connection between items and lexemes, but I am still
> hazy about details on how exactly this should look like. If someone could
> actually make a strawman proposal, that would be great.
> I think the connection should live in the statement space, and not be on the
> level of labels, but that is just a hunch. I'd be happy to see proposals 
> incoming.

My thinking is this:

On some Sense of a Lexeme, there is a Statement saying that this Sense refers to
a given concept (Item). If the property for stating this is well-known, we can
track the Sense-to-Item relationship in the database. We can then automatically
show the lexeme's lemma as a (pseudo-)alias on the Item, and perhaps also use it
(and maybe all forms of the lexeme!) for indexing the item for search.  So:

  from ( Lexeme - Sense - Statement -> Item )
  we can derive ( Item -> Lexeme - Forms )

In the beginning of Wikidata, I was very reluctant about the software knowing
about "magic" properties. Now I feel better about this, since wikidata
properties are established as a permanent vocabulary that can be used by any
software, including our own.

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