Am 16.09.2016 um 20:11 schrieb Thad Guidry:
> Denny,
> I would suggest to use as that strawman
> proposal.  Because it has 2 levels of Senses.
>   3. Anything that is produced (contains 6 sub-senses)

Modelling sub-senses is a completely different can of worms. The proposed model
doesn't allow this directly (we try to avoid recursive structures), but it can
be done using statements.

Your example doesn't really say anything about how lexemes could be connected to
items as labels/aliases, which is, i believe, what Gerard and Denny were 

My usage of "Sense" and "From" follows
which in turn follows the LEMON model <>.

Synsets are not directly modeled, but it's possible to construct them via

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