I wasn't trying to help solve the issues - I'll be quite now :)

​I was helping to expose one of your test cases :)​

'product' is a lexeme - a headword - a basic unit of meaning that has a
'set of forms' and those have 'a set of definitions'
  Here are some of its forms:
     1. product
     2. products
     3. producing
     4. production
     5. ...

​Here are some definitions against PRODUCT:
    1. product - ​a commodity offered for sale.
    2. product - a quantity obtained by multiplication of two or more
    3. product - anything that is produced.

​But a thought just occured to me...
A. In order to model this perhaps would be to have those headwords stored
in Wikidata.  Those headwords ideally would not actually be a Q or a P ...
but what about instead ... L​  ?  Wrapping the graph structure itself ?
Pros / Cons ?

B.  or do we go with Daniel's suggestion of linking out to headwords and
not actually storing them in Wikidata ?  Pros / Cons ?

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