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> Being the spokesperson, the statement is by and large correct, although not
> given in this context but as a reply to a content-related question from one
> day earlier. It was used in the linked news source articel, to which the
> teacher's association reacted within an hour. As I've written elsewhere,
> this was clearly spun. Unusually aggressive move.  The association demands
> that Wikipedia and all free-of-charge eduational services be "stopped",
> being unfit for school children. It also demands that printed encycopledias
> be reintroduced to schools and school libraries be better funded,
> ...printed material, that is.
> Best
> Michael

I see. Presenting your statement in that context, as though it was your
comment on that particular content, was not quite appropriate. It made it
sound as though you were saying the Wikimedia Foundation in the US was
actively curating that content, rather than an international community of
volunteers. I'd point that out to them.
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