2014-09-07 4:17 GMT+03:00 Risker <risker...@gmail.com>:
> I think the design of Flow is much like the liqueur-filled chocolates.
> It's missed the point of a discussion space on Wikimedia projects.  All
> use cases in the world, no matter how carefully researched and accounted
> for, will help you build a discussion system to effectively replace a
> discussion system if you don't understand that the one overriding,
> incontrovertible feature of the current system is that it is a page that
> acts just like all the other wiki pages, with all the same functions, and
> anyone who can work on one wiki-page can work on any of them.

I see your point, but the fact is that the current system is NOT a page
that acts just like all the other wiki pages.

Talk pages use categories differently.
Article talk pages, for better or worse, don't have interlanguage links.
Talk pages use : for indentation a lot; articles rarely use this piece of
Talk pages can use templates the same way as articles, but the actual
templates used on them are different.
Long talk pages are archived; articles aren't.
Talk pages have signatures; articles, for better or worse, don't.
Talk pages rarely have images.

So yes, the wiki syntax is the same, but the practice of its use is
fundamentally different. And voila - the wiki syntax in Flow works much the
same way as elsewhere - links, templates, etc. The plan is to use the same
VisualEditor as for articles in the future. What Flow replaces is the
crutches built to force wiki pages into being discussion forums -
"talkback", indentation, archive templates and bots, the infinite edit
conflicts, etc.

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