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> The team has pretty strong arguments why they don't want posts to be
> editable (the gist is, they fear that no other discussion system does
> this, and it will freak people out -- they see the introduction of a
> new system as a good opportunity to reset expectations).

I would argue that the best and most successful examples of knowledge
production oriented discussion systems allow the editing of posts by
others. Quora has that feature. Stackoverflow has that feature. The edit
might be sent through a review queue depending on your reputation, but from
the user's point of view that's not a big difference, and the bar is pretty
low - Stackoverflow allows direct editing from 2000 reputation points,
while access to the various queues (which is the closest equivalent to
being a Wikipedia admin) comes after 10,000 points. (An active user can
easily earn 100 or more points a week, so 2000 points mean a few months of
using the site.)
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