I'll add a question of my own here. I find this statement interesting: "Please
rate these other qualifications: (Please rate 0 to 5 with 0 being 0 not
important; 5 for extremely important)... Experience of working in an
a-hierarchical, participative management environment". I find this puzzling
because WMF is generally hierarchical organization, with the board an
executive director at the top, followed by middle management, followed by
line employees, contractors, and interns. I'm wondering if what is intended
here is a sentiment that the ED Search Committee would like to *transform *WMF
into a less heirarchical organization. Could someone from the ED Search
Committee or the Board expand on what your intentions are with this
question? I cannot imagine how WMF could function as an "a-hierarchical...
management environment", although I could understand if there is an
aspiration to collapse a layer or two in the org chart and/or to delegate
more responsibility from the Board or ED to employees who have more
expertise in various domains.


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