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> I'll add a question of my own here. I find this statement interesting:
> "Please
> rate these other qualifications: (Please rate 0 to 5 with 0 being 0 not
> important; 5 for extremely important)... Experience of working in an
> a-hierarchical, participative management environment". I find this puzzling
> because WMF is generally hierarchical organization, with the board an
> executive director at the top, followed by middle management, followed by
> line employees, contractors, and interns. I'm wondering if what is intended
> here is a sentiment that the ED Search Committee would like to *transform
> *WMF
> into a less heirarchical organization. Could someone from the ED Search
> Committee or the Board expand on what your intentions are with this
> question? I cannot imagine how WMF could function as an "a-hierarchical...
> management environment", although I could understand if there is an
> aspiration to collapse a layer or two in the org chart and/or to delegate
> more responsibility from the Board or ED to employees who have more
> expertise in various domains.
I don't think it is the role of the ED search committee to transform the
organization. However (speaking for myself) I believe that an experience in
a-hierarchical, participative management environment helps understand
wiki-culture a lot.

I'd dare say that some of the WMF employees I knew had great skills, but
had trouble with adjusting to the a-hierarchical/participative nature of
our movement that the WMF is part of. The WMF is less hierarchical than
many NGOs, and also as a part of a larger movement is subject to
participative and discursive culture (just take this very discussion as an
example: a very hierarchical and non-participative ED would find it
difficult to understand why we are even having it).

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