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the text should not be „I, the copyright holder ...” but rather “Ludovic Péron, 
the copyright holder ...” or else the statement should be “signed” by Ludovic 
Péron. If we don’t sign contributions decently and then start hounding others 
with fictitious copyright infringements, that is no better than primitive 
trapping and blackmailing of the copyright industry.


Hartwig Thomas


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I found this web 
  page on the web site of BJ Institute. 


Problem : This image is a CC By SA photography on Commons and the credit is 
wrong (good credit : Charles Andrès - CC By SA). Seeing this on the website of 
one of our partners, which happens to be run by one of our board members, makes 
me especially concerned about our credibility.


Me, and some other volunteers of WMCH, spend many times to explain how to use 
correctly free contents. We are discussing with nationals media, with some 
schools, etc. 


We (and WMCH) loose our credibility if our contacts see this web page. 


So, thanks you to make correction very quickly. 


And I think it's necessary that our regular partners will be blameless about 
copyright. May be it's possible to make internal workshops. I am available for 




Ludovic Péron

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