Lonnie, you are just doing what I wish I were smart enough to do --
write code people are willing to pay for. Software is always better than
hardware: you avoid FCC hassles, you have no hard shipping or packaging
costs, you need no production facilities, you don't have to negotiate
purchase of and stock components, you can live anywhere, it can be
instantly deployed, etc., etc.

I've nothing but respect for what you've done. 

For all the same reasons, I'd think you were insane if you went into
hardware in this business.

Patrick Leary
AVP WISP Markets
Alvarion, Inc.
o: 650.314.2628
c: 760.580.0080
Vonage: 650.641.1243

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Seemed kind close to my home is all.

All the Best in 2007.


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