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> I have noticed that difference between half and full lotus myself.  
Most of
> the time I sit half just because that position allows me to sit for 
a hour
> at a time.  I have only recently (within the past 6 months or so) 
been able
> to achieve full-lotus and can only go about 20-30 minutes before I 
feel like
> I need to get some blood flowing.  I do notice, though, that full-
> seems to be a much more stable position and allows for breath that 
may be
> more natural than sitting in half.  Full-lotus requires less minor
> adjustments and alignments during meditation, ie: more stillness.  
> It seems to me in the West full-lotus is not emphasized strictly, 
due to the
> fact that most people in the US are not generally quite as flexible 
as other
> places where Yoga and meditation are more commonly used.  Many 
> simply don't bend that way, and it's damaging to force oneself into 
> position.  In order for many to achieve full lotus, it takes a few 
years of
> cautious stretching in order to be able to not overstrain ones-self 
and get
> a messed up ankle or knee.  
> Keep stretching your ankles, knees and hips in order to sit longer 
and more
> comfortably in full-lotus.  However, be very careful about how you 
go about
> it.  Torn knee cartilage may be a very painful and difficult thing 
> overcome =)  It's always best to consult a yogi of some sort, and 
> yourself patience to achieve that goal.  

Oh and I wanted to mention that my best description of half vs. full 
lotus is that full lotus is "easier from the waist up."  Half lotus 
is more physically comfortable, but I think I have been becoming to 
complacent and comfortable in my sitting, so this seems to actually 
be a good thing.  

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