Dear Edgar,
You use all bunch of words to describe the peoples who visit this group. For me 
and fro anyone who try to learn zen they are..... just peoples. If you need 
more words to describe them you need to learn more about zen or just to leave 
this group if you dont like it.
                                             Peace Stanimir

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From: Edgar Owen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Friday, 15 August, 2008 9:01:35 PM
Subject: [Zen] Test of Character

I have often wondered what kind of people join a Zen group. I have to ask 
myself, are these mostly the mentally disturbed, drug addicts, alcholics, 
homosexuals, the kind of folks that feel dissociated from society, the dregs of 
the earth, the leftovers, the angry, the free-thinkers, the people of loose 
morals, bisexuals, liberals, etc.?

Am I right? Are there any conservatives in this group? Any members of the John 
Birch Society? Daughters of the American Revolution? Knights of Pythias? 
Probably not here. 

Sorry for the OT,


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