Jody, and other MEMBERS,

The post below is NOT from me. Someone has hacked my email address to post this. If there is a moderator or group owner I would urge him to fix this problem. I do not agree with the post below and I did not send it. Read my posts, you will see the one below is not mine.

This is becoming very annoying that people think I wrote that post. Many have attacked the post and rightfully so. It is not mine and I completely disagree with its message.


On Aug 19, 2008, at 8:24 AM, Jody W. Ianuzzi wrote:

Hello Edgar,

People are people. why do they need all these labels? OK, you want labels? I am a blind Republican stay at home mom who practices judo and plays the
bagpipes. Is that eccentric enough for you or am I just a freak?


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