I agree that Bill seems to understand Zen quite well. As you can see from our posts we agree on most points we have discussed.

I wasn't referring to my spiritual state, just the low and hostile state of the hacker who used my name. That should be quite obvious to all.


On Aug 19, 2008, at 9:59 AM, Fitness63 wrote:

From: Edgar Owen> If it happens again I hope that members will be able to distinguish my real posts from the hacker's simply by the low spiritual
level and hostility of his posts. >

Yes it is very clear to me that you are flying high at another level of spirituality from which we can all only hope to learn. Please keep posting more messages explaining this difference, as I find it very illuminating.

I do not practice near a zendo and I must rely on the spiritual illumination that I can receive from the many kind souls like you who share your insights with others on this forum. You can also learn a lot from Bill, I consider
him to be my personal guru.

humbly yours,


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