There is no good or evil or accountability in Zen proper. The assumption is that when one aligns one's actions with the flow of tao one acts appropriately whatever that action may be. No karmic pluses or minuses to tally. When the Buddha nature of all beings, all things, is realized and directly confronted in Zen one naturally acts with compassion towards the Buddha, towards the actually real presence of Buddha consciousness in whatever form it appears. One realizes one's unity in Buddha consciousness with all things and beings one meets.


On Oct 3, 2008, at 2:18 PM, Al wrote:

In Zen (and/or Chan), what is Accountability? One issue that has come
up many times over the years is that some folks think Zen is just "Do
whatever you want, whenever you want, to or with whomever you want."
This philosophy goes to everything, including sex, relationships,
money, etc.

So is that what Zen is? If you ever ask, "Does Zen have a position
against X, Y, or Z?" The answer is usually not very clear. Is there
anything in Zen against betrayal, theft, adultery, etc??

Even if there is, what is the accountability of any person for their
sins or misdeeds or karma???

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