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' How do you react to pain? A famous zen master Daisetsu Suzuki went 
through a lot of suffering in his last days. I am scared to think 
about that. If he cannot avoid suffering, how can I? How about you 
all? Are you sure you will leave this world peacefully?
> Regards,
> Anthony

Dear Anthony;

I like the way Thich Nhat Hanh calls suffering as the garbage and 
love as the flower in us. Suffering then should be used as the 
garbage to make grow the beuty in us. By continuosly facing and 
transforming suffering in us as a source of peace and liberation, 
much fears seem to decrease its importance.

I fully agree.

 It doesn't worries me what 
comes after but the process of death, the suffering and pain in the 
body and the leaving of the body. I suppose that the best way to 
release a little of that fear if to practice Compassion peace at each 
moment of our present moment. 
Here is the question: What comes after the process of death? You cannot say 
there will be nothing, or just like sleep without a dream. I would thank God 
for that. But nde indicates there are a lot coming after death. So even we can 
die peacefully, how do we avoid pain, after death?

Have a good Sunday


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