Very good advice. Always live one's life so you are ready to leave at a moment's notice with no attachments and everything left in order... No packed suitcases....


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> Here is the question: What comes after the process of death? You
cannot say there will be nothing, or just like sleep without a dream.
I would thank God for that. But nde indicates there are a lot coming
after death. So even we can die peacefully, how do we avoid pain,
after death?

Hello Anthony;

You asked; "What comes after the process of death". What about if
you sit down and meditate about life and death?. Or just meditate
about the impermanence of life and death if you prefer. These are
the kind of things that need to be experienced by oneself alone. I
can only share with you some of my direct experience (insight
meditation and helping to die a close friend and my father) on this
matter .
What comes after the body dies is a disolution of the body self. Our
self gets interbeing with other life and new forms of life starts to
be manifested. It's as simple as that. In reality there is no death
but just a disolution of the self body.
As I was saying to you it doesn't bother me much what happens after
death but what really worries me is the process of death itself and
not dying in peace.

Thanks for writing

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