"Death", final and complete lack of existence, is a common Mid-Eastern concept. 
It is a limited concept as their ideas about life are more physical than 
  In Tuetonic/Norse teachings, we accept spiritual life, within our clan, 
people, as perpetual.
  "Life" does not end---it merely shifts from spiritual to physical levels 
depended, primarily, on how we wish to evolve. We also realise that once we 
have reached as far as we can go in the physical life, we retreat to the 
spiritual life. But AT NO POINT does "life" cease to exist.
  All is one and one is all.

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ARe there any good meditations I can do which helps me deal with my fear of 
death? I just finished Thich Nhat Hanh's No Death No Fear, and I liked it, but 
I feel such a hard time getting around the idea of continuance - it's too much 
for my materialist mind. So maybe I need a different tack...

How do I confront the reality of death with the aim towards lessening my fear 
of this?


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