Your highlighted remark makes things worse. It is no cure for the fear of 
death. There must be a 'cure', but not the words.

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Why on earth would anyone be worried about death? After all you won't be around 
or conscious to experience it! Remember you were dead before you were born. Do 
you worry about not being alive before you were born? Of course not. Then why 
worry about being dead after you're dead? Same thing exactly. You'll be in 
exactly the same state, or rather no state at all. Death is entirely an 
illusion and an illusory fear.

And even if you are still worried about death the best answer to that is simply 
to immerse yourself completely in the present moment and enjoy it and forget 
death. After all death doesn't exist. That is your death will never exist for 
you. All that will ever exist for you is life!


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I will check them out. I appreciate your words. I guess I was frustrated with 
other zen groups, where I only received vague platitudes and rhetorical 
questions along the lines of "why be afraid of death?" Which I understand but 
have a problem implementing.

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> Hi DP
> I've read your posts and the replies you've gotten with interest. I don't 
> have much information, zen wise, to offer with regards death and the fear of 
> it, although I do *get* where you're coming from. Some of the others will 
> hopefully post on this subject perhaps. What I have found extremely useful 
> is the site www.dharmaseed.org. I try to listen to at least one talk a day. 
> In terms of repetitive, troublesome thoughts, there are some fairly good 
> talks given by a teacher called Gloria Ambrosia. I've only been using the 
> site for a month or so, so I'm sure there's a wealth of other stuff on there 
> that could be checked out, and might be of some use.
> Take care, 
> Rose
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> ARe there any good meditations I can do which helps me deal with my fear of 
> death? I just finished Thich Nhat Hanh's No Death No Fear, and I liked it, 
> but I feel such a hard time getting around the idea of continuance - it's too 
> much for my materialist mind. So maybe I need a different tack...
> How do I confront the reality of death with the aim towards lessening my fear 
> of this?

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