I do not contradict you.

However, do you feel the same outrage toward Jews, Christians, the UK,
US, Israel, etc. for their horrible slaughters of native peoples?

<http://www.counterpunch.org/blum10012010.html>   (Read if you choose
to; don't if you don't)


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Thanks Mayka, reading you loud and clear! Just one thing. I think that
"aggresive and destructive" criticism can sometimes be a good thing. The
recent demonstrations in London against the Popes visit there spring to
mind. Here is the head of a religious organisation that systematically
brushed under the carpet instances of child rape in order to preserve
its good name. Shame. And what does he say in his address? (are you
listening DP?)
He compares unbelief in faith to the rise of Hitlerism in Germany.
Wanker! He should be locked up. I'm serious.

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