Platform Scripture of the Sixth Patriarch
Reverend Chicheng (pupil of Shenxiu, who shared the same teacher Hongren with 
Huineng, competing with each other) said to Reverend Huineng, ‘my teacher 
Shenxiu transmits only the doctrine of discipline, calmness and wisdom. 
Discipline is to refrain from all evils actions, calmness is to purify one’s 
own mind, and wisdom is to practice all good deeds.’
Patriarch Huineng answered, ‘His theory is wonderful, but my views are 
different. In my view, freeing the mind from all wrong is the discipline of our 
original nature, freeing the mind from all disturbances is the calmness of our 
original nature, and freeing the mind from all delusions is the wisdom of our 
original nature.’
Master Huineng continued, ‘your teacher’s teaching of discipline, calmness and 
wisdom is to help wise men of the inferior type, but mine is to help superior 
people. When one realizes his original nature, discipline, calmness and wisdom 
need not be instituted. The original nature has no wrong, no disturbance, no 
delusion. If in every instant of thought we introspect our minds with Perfect 
Wisdom, and if it is always free from dharmas and their appearances, what is 
the need of instituting these things? The original nature is realized suddenly, 
not gradually step by step. Therefore, there is not need of instituting them.’
On another occasion, Master Huineng said, ‘good friends, there is no 
distinction between sudden enlightenment and gradual enlightenment in the Law, 
except that some people are intelligent and others stupid. Those who are 
ignorant realize the truth gradually, while the intelligent ones attain it 
suddenly. But if they know their own minds and see their own nature, there will 
be no difference in their enlightenment. Without enlightenment, they will be 
bound forever in transmigration.’
>From World of the Buddha, by Lucien Stryk
My comment: I am a 'wise man of the inferior type'. Wait. I am sure about the 
latter quality, but not so regarding the former, only hope so. Anyway, Master 
Huineng is saying I can learn from a superior person to get enlightened quicker.

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