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> Thanks ED.  I appreciate your kind words and understanding.

Mayka, thanks to you too; I feel happy too now that we are attempting to
communicate with each other.

> Your tolerance says a lot of good about you.

The explanation maybe a lot simpler than 'tolerance': It may be more
like 'indifference', as generally speaking, with men at least, the
entire emotional/endocrine system tends to wind down and mellow with

> However, I'd like to warn you about me that I do suffer from
temperamental tantrums specially when real communication shades away.
It's fair that you know this about me so that you don't get by surprise
and in nappies!
> Mayka

Don't worry, Mayka, just the be way you are: Your spontaneity, fullness
of feeling and truthfulness bring life to this forum.

Thanks,  ED

PS: Mayka, please don't allow my own brutal truthfulness, sometimes
expressed humorously, to bother you too much: It is driven by good

> Bill,

> What 'WHOOP-ASS'?  I  see a person merely  expressing her thoughts,
feelings and wants - which is a natural and normal thing for a person to

> Back off?  Me?  I have not said a word to (or about) Mayka since
her demand of me not to communicate with her.

> --ED

> PS: Mayka, no harm done, and I believe that you intended no harm
either - and neither did I.

> >  See Ed!  It's more WHOOP-ASS!  You better back off! 

> > >  Reading message in capital letters again, I don't feel good about
it now.  That is not the way to talk to anyone. I could simply choose to
be silence and ignore the mail.  But it felt as I was bombarded by the
mail.  Sorry ED.  I didn't mean to harm you.   --Mayka

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