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"Two observations spring to mind immediately: the fact that most
populations overlap so intimately with their neighbours. And that
Finland doesn't.

The isolation of Finnish genetics can be explained by the fact that they
were at one time a very small population, preserving its genetic
idiosyncrasies as it expanded."

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> Hi, Ed
> Sorry for my poor english
> I tried to mean that the rest of europeans, excluding finnish, and for
that, hungarians, lapons and seems basques, speak an indo european
idiom. And probably population origin in Asia
> Finnish are also westerner in my mindset (yes, it s said that they
come here as invaders, with Attila; so maybe central asia origin)
> I do not see them as easterner language..But not being a linguist, I
maybe very well wrong,
> Anyway, there is (or at least was) an extreme moviment in Hungarian
that relates them as related to japanese, the turanism.
> With best wishes
> Lluís

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