ED is right here.  I could have choose to be quiet but I didn't.  I knew what I 
was doing at the time of posting.  And if public posting have prevented a more 
escalated damage in the forum, I'm more than happy to receive the insults.  
They do not affect me in the least. They're just internet typing.  I do have my 
own sangha and don't need much of the zen forum.  But other people who 
genuinely search about the practice of zen, they do.  . It's towards those ones 
and the ones who dedicate their time and effort posting was aim to be a 
warning.  And it had to be public.  Thanks for your suggestion and good 
intentions all the same.
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Not to worry, Chris.  
Say it all here on the forum.
And truths may emerge in each of us from the process.
And we may learn and grow from them.
Rgds, ED
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"create discord" is certainly his effect. I think he has read a lot about zen, 
however, despite his unawareness of the story of the fox and Judeo-Christian 
morality, I mean karma. 

I like to err on the side of being helpful, but perhaps It would have been more 
useful to email him directly. No one likes to be told in front of others that 
the way they are communicating is imperfect!  

Chris Austin-Lane

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