Hi ED,

You have been quoting a lot from the dictionary. Is this where you find truth?

Mayka has asked you numerous times, what is your personal insight? What do you experience?

I have yet to read your answer.

You have commented, analyzed, or perhaps even criticized posts from other members in this forum, which is fine.

Beware if you ever begins to defend your position, because defense is the first sign of ego.

Your presence here benefits all of us.  Do share with us your inner self.

We all learn from the sentient beings, like lotus grows from mud.

Do you get it??

Be Enlightened In This Life - We ALL Can

On 11/17/2010 7:41 AM, ED wrote:


Thank you for this post: Every point you make can be a seed for a
potential new and enlightening thread - not necessarily a thread for
discussing individuals, but for probing the pychological and ethical
principles involved.

I do believe that the way you experience me and others is reality for
you. Interesting things happen and truths emerge when people are upset
and speak out. Thank you for your speaking out.

Regards, ED

--- In Zen_Forum@yahoogroups.com <mailto:Zen_Forum%40yahoogroups.com>, ChrisAustinLane <ch...@...> wrote:
> ED:
> Your posts do have a tendency to come off as being sly and a bit mean,
despite your claim to have transcended karma, I mean Judeo-Christian
notions of morality.
> You will recall that Mayka's posts also rub some people the wrong way,
a phenomenon that has been thoroughly dissected here and attributed to
some interesting linguistic goings on and the off bit of whoop ass.
> Perhaps you will share what you see as the causes for people to
mis-read your intent in your posts. Perhaps you won't trust this forum
that much.
> If you say that the causes are all external to you, I have to comment
that there is not a dividing line between ED and Mayka.
> For the record, I found your use of the word "restrained" to described
Bill's right speech to make me think you were being sly, and your reply
to Mayka to definitely communicate negative emotional content.
> Thanks,
> Chris Austin-Lane, who definitely is more likely to post here when
upset than when not upset

> > Mayka:
> >
> > Is it mama patting Billy on the head for being a good boy?
> >
> > Or is it a product of the fecal finger-pointing Judeo-Christian
> >
> > Or is it the historical Spanish inquisitorial spirit rearing its
ugly head?
> >
> > Or is it something else?
> >
> > --ED

> > > Bill:
> > >
> > > You would have been in your right not to give a reply to malicious
> > >
> > > Mayka

> > > Ed and Kristy,
> > >
> > > I didn't mean to be overly restrained. I can only give you my
impressions of them before they became Dharma successors and were just
two of a group of monks and students at the center - albeit 2 of the
most senior and seemingly advanced students. I will say that I was
always more comfortable with Bernie then Gempo. Gempo just seemed a
little less approachable, but I've always just wrote that off as just a
personality mismatch.
> > >
> > > ...Bill!

> > > Ed,
> > >
> > > Well then, it seems we all are "underwhelmed" by Gempo...k

> > > Kristy,
> > >
> > > My (slight) interest in Gempo was aroused by your mention of him.
> > >
> > > Bill has been restrained in his speech about his dharma brothers.
> > >
> > > --ED

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